About Us

The Hollie Demands Justice website was originally put together by members of the Whole Truth Coalition working alongside other campaigning groups and individuals who are appalled by what the establishment in Scotland have done and are doing to Hollie Greig, her mother Anne and to Robert Green.  All we want is for the truth to come out.  We also want to see the murder of Hollie’s uncle properly investigated by the police.

We do not support any political party, nor do we wish to get involved in party politics.  We see the new Parliament as an excellent opportunity to get the truth out about Hollie and to get a written and binding commitment from all the Members of Parliament to take up Hollie’s case and to see justice done for her and her mother, Anne.

There is every reason to believe that there are other paedophile rings operating within the Establishment throughout the United Kingdom.  Some researchers believe that cover-ups are happening involving politicians at the very highest level.

We hope that the victims of such dreadful and appalling abuse will be encouraged and inspired by Hollie Greig’s campaign for justice and will come forward to tell their stories.   This evil must be confronted head on and stopped.   Those who have committed such appalling crimes against children must face the full weight of British justice.