Hollie’s Call to Action – Please sign up!


The aim of the campaign remains to recruit at least 1 preferably 2 or 3 Hollie supporters in all 649 parliamentary constituencies throughout the UK, so that every single MP is aware of this issue. Hopefully the majority will take action in support of Hollie and her call for an investigation into the high-level paedophile ring she claims abused her throughout her childhood.

So far the police have failed to investigate either the paedophilia itself, although evidence for it exists, nor a murder committed in connection with it. Therefore, both children and the public remain at risk respectively from paedophiles and from a murderer/s still at large. Worse, the police themselves have been committing crimes in an apparent attempt to silence the key witnesses to the paedophilia, Hollie, her mother Anne and their lay legal representative Robert Green. Therefore by  now the rule of law itself is on the line.  

We need the MPs to be involved IN LARGE NUMBERS as their combined weight is needed to overcome these anomalies and to challenge those who are clearly abusing their powers in order to orchestrate a cover-up at this very high level. Some MPs will duck involvement by retreating behind parliamentary protocol, viz. “this is not happening in my constituency therefore it’s not my responsibility” or “this is an issue for the Scottish government/parliament”.  Tell them firmly this is a matter for EVERYONE with any possible means of influencing the Scottish and other relevant authorities to do their job properly, and that you and others of their constituents are very concerned they do take action about it! Don’t let them off the hook!

We hope to have made it very easy for anyone and everyone to approach their MP. Although ideally it would still be best for you to actually meet the MP and discuss with him or her face-to-face what can be done about this issue, if time or geography don’t permit a live meeting, please at least WRITE TO YOUR MP by email or preferably by ordinary letter, so that he or she starts actually DOING something. 

The main thing is that all the MPs a) KNOW what is going on in Scotland, and indeed recently in England too in connection with this case b) DO something about it! We have drawn up a list of suggested ‘actions’ they can take which you can hand to them. The list is by no means exhaustive and they may suggest other things they can usefully do. We are hoping that some will become very fired up to correct this injustice and begin to act on their own initiative. Most MPs like everyone else love children, do not wish any harm to come to any child and earnestly desire the rule of law to prevail in these islands.

Then, we at HDJ want to know which MPs are taking action and what are they doing? So please, if you decide to approach or re-approach your MP, as I hope everyone reading this will, INFORM THE CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR and report back the results of your contact to her. It’s very important that the progress of the Campaign is properly monitored and recorded, constituency by constituency, to maximise its impact. The idea is that ultimately we will be able to provide a compelling statistic and an operational model which can be used for similar campaigns in other countries. Paedophilia and other nastiness towards children isn’t confined to this country, sadly, it is a world-wide problem which needs stamping out everywhere.

The campaign coordinator is Belinda  b.mckenzie@btinternet.com   tel. 020 8245 3805 or 07770 927734


  1. Tell Belinda you’ll be participating/continuing to participate in the Campaign.  Introduce the phone-call/email as Hollie Parliamentary Campaign and give YOUR NAME + NAME OF YOUR CONSTITUENCY or MP. If you’re not sure of your constituency/MP give your POSTCODE from which we can find your MP and direct you as to how to contact him/her.  
  2. Write to your MP and/or arrange a meeting with him/her. Most hold regular surgeries at their Party office or in the local library or a school on Fridays or Saturdays. It’s very easy to make an appointment via the local office. Don’t give too much information in advance, just say you want to discuss a child protection issue with them.
  3. Download HOLLIE’S MESSAGEand the other documents from this website to take along to the meeting or to post to the MP and you can include aCOVERING LETTER from yourself, personalised for the MP; a model letter is on the website.
  4. IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE WORK ON THE MP WITH A FRIEND/COUPLE OF FRIENDS. Ideally 2-3 people per constituency should be working together on this campaign and this will have more effect on the MP. Belinda may be able to put you in touch with other Hollie supporters in your area.
  5. Report the results of your contact with the MP back to Belinda as soon as possible, she may suggest further action for the MP or how to respond to his/her letter.
  6. If you can, let the local press & media know what you’re doing and why, BUT DON’T WORRY if you can’t. The main thing is to make the MPs aware of the issue and get them taking action.

THANK YOU! From Hollie & all abused children everywhere for performing this service. We’ll be  publishing an update on the campaign on the website every month including selected responses from MPs as they come in. It’s important for the public to know who in Parliament are real human beings with normal feelings who detest all forms of cruelty especially towards children and who are just stooges of the system, or worse…

We’ll be allocating each MP a ‘Hollie rating’ according to the following chart:





Plainly does not want to hear about this or discuss it at all, flies into a rage



Repeatedly ignores emails or letters



Polite response but makes following excuses for inaction:

  1. Not in my constituency, this is for the Greigs’/Mr Green’s own MP
  2. This is a devolved matter for the Scottish authorities
  3. This is a legal/criminal matter, I’m only a politician so can’t interfere
  4. (I’ve heard) There is no evidence for Hollie’s allegations
  5. You haven’t put your address on your letter so I can’t reply to it

(Supporter yet to make contact with MP/hasn’t reported yet)



Takes at least 1 action, prompted by constituent  


More active

Takes further actions as prompted by constituent 


Very active

Takes further actions autonomously without being prompted by constituent 



Speaks publicly about Hollie, initiates debate in House of Commons, etc.



Helps set up an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Child Abuse to protect children for the long term and represent their needs in Parliament