A further letter to HM Queen

Her Majesty,
The Queen.
Buckingham Palace,

Ian McFerran
(address removed for publication purposes)
28th May 2012


You will recall, I am quite sure, that I wrote to you last year, on 21st February, regarding the matter of corruption and paedophilia within Your Majesty’s British legal system and public services.

Your Majesty’s Senior Correspondence Officer, Mrs Sonia Bonici, under Your Majesty’s direction, kindly informed me that the matter had been delegated down to the Justice Minister (one of those assisting in this monumental cover-up of National paedophilia) Mr Kenneth Clarke, QC, MP.

Mr Clarke (eventually, after some persuading on my part) informed me that the case of HOLLIE GREIG had been fully investigated.  Maam, just the most cursory of checks of the facts pertaining to this case, by the most casual of observers will demonstrate that this is a blatant lie!  Previously, I would have said Mr Clarke is wrong, now I state quite openly that he is was knowingly lying in Your name.

Maam, it was established in February 2012, in Your Majesty’s Open Court at Stonehaven, Scotland, during the trial of ROBERT GREEN, that the case of HOLLIE GREIG had not, in fact, been investigated other than for two of the multitude named by the victim.  Those holding any form of social rank, influence or power, as well as a number of others named as perpetrators by HOLLIE GREIG, were not even questioned by the police, let alone arrested and investigated further.  These people remain free and not investigated to this day!

I reiterate, Your Majesty, this is now an established fact in Your Majesty’s Open Court!

Sadly, to date, the young lady, HOLLIE GREIG and her mother, Anne, continue to have to fight the system in order to be afforded the same rights, privileges and protections that Your Majesty and others benefit from, rights and protections which still allude them.

It would seem, judging from the particulars of this case, that all are not equal under Your Majesty’s law.

As a mother yourself, I feel sure you will see the clear case of injustice here, will empathise with the plight of these two ladies and will feel moved to do all you can to protect the rest of the children of Scotland and the UK from hereon.

Maam, you may also recall that I wrote to Your Majesty again this year, on 13th February and a copy of that letter was sent to Your Majesty’s Honours and Appointments Secretariat.  This letter was in respect of a woman named Dame Elish Angiolini, QC, MSP, who had recently received the honour of Dame from Your Majesty whilst being under the suspicion and accusations of misappropriation of public funds during her time as Lord Advocate of Scotland. 

Mrs Angiolini, as I explained to Your Majesty in that letter, very soon became the key suspect in a CID investigation, a criminal investigation that is on-going.  I was informed by Your Majesty’s Secretariat that any removal of honour is publicly notified in The London Gazette (http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/).

At the time of writing to Your Majesty today, The London Gazette has not placed a notice referring to the removal of this public honour bestowed on the woman who was the driving force behind the biggest cover-up that Scotland has ever seen in respect to paedophilia. Maam, it is now perfectly clear, that whatever you instructed your servants to do, has not been done!

More importantly, children in Scotland and the rest of the UK remain at risk as a result of your Ministers and public servants wilfully protecting paedophiles and covering-up their criminal actions at the expense of justice whilst, in some cases, being honoured for their time in public office.  This, I must suggest, is an insult to Your Majesty’s name, rank and honour, as well as a direct threat to the safety of children across this country.

Because of this clear threat to the safety of children, I am morally and legally bound, under the rule of Vicarious Liability, to do all I can to resolve this matter. That is why I am compelled to highlight the case of HOLLIE GREIG for Your Majesty’s attention again.

I, therefore, implore Your Majesty to bring your Royal influence to bear on this issue as a matter of urgency.  It is perfectly clear that delegating to those who are guilty of assisting in a cover-up is no longer the most appropriate choice of action and so I ask Your Majesty to consider instructing that a full and open public enquiry be brought into the case of HOLLIE GREIG as well as the illegal imprisonment of ROBERT GREEN and the corruption that permeates throughout Your Majesty’s legal and social system of justice in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales especially the secret family Courts.

Maam, it is apparent that your legal system is failing the people and, at a time of great social pressure and uncertainty, I feel that now is the time for Your Majesty to exercise her power for the benefit of her subjects in the UK.

As before, I wish to thank Your Majesty for taking the time in reading my letter and trust that we, the people, may now benefit from your Royal intervention into these crimes against children and justice.

As always, Maam, I remain your humble servant,
Ian McFerran

16 thoughts on “A further letter to HM Queen


  2. Awesome letter !

    These stories of abuse are ALWAYS the same – first the crime, and then the cover-up.

    And these crimes against children have happened all over the world from Canada to Australia, from the USA to Belgium.

    So no one should be surprised that this has happened here in Britain.

    And as with Watergate, it is always the cover-up that finally nails the Criminals.

    Things must be getting pretty interesting in Edinburgh now – let’s hope that none of those lovely people lose their Pensions.

    Perhaps it’s time for them to bail out and get a cushy job somewhere in the South.

    I hear that Oxford is nice, apparently….

  3. Apparently, according to her official dresser, Her Majesty does not perspire. Make of that what you will.

  4. Aha, above we have Elish Angiolini once again publicly named in connection with the alleged Aberdeen establishment paedophile ring / Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal coverup and lack of investigative action by the Grampian police force.

    One thus speculates if this document’s online publication will be seized upon by the woman as being “of a grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character – and containing false and malicious allegations and derogatory comments” that caused her “fear and alarm” – as did similar
    comments posted by members of the Prisoners of Conscience International activist group – for which Rusty was summarily arrested and charged in connection with.

    We further speculate if Ian McFerran’s letter to HM and the online posting of a copy of such will galvanise the Dame into “fear and alarm” mode and again task the Grampian police to venture forth and arrest the offender as she did in Rusty’s case on March 23rd to silence the group’s criticism of her moral suitability to assume any public office post – especially that of Principal of St Hugh’s College, Oxford.

  5. I like the “fear and alarm mode” comment !

    Obviously though the Scottish “Authorities” are totally deaf to the real fear and alarm of abused children.

    Heaven forbid though that some thin-skinned, brass necked Judge or official should be “upset” by people’s comments in support of Hollie.

    The poor dears at the Crown Office have my total sympathy and support.

    Try harder boys, the shine has totally worn off your brand of spin, and you have about the same credibility as Blair, Straw or Campbell.

    How long before we have critics of this Government and its’ Lackies extradited abroad to face torture or simply arrested and jailed to shut them up?

    Full credit to Blair, Straw and others for doing that already and thus proving that free speech, democracy and good governance is purely an illusion.

    Soon there will be signs going up at Heathrow to welcome people to the new, and improved, Soviet Britain.

    Just shut up and do what you are told please. Our Government and Officials know what’s best for you. Honest.

  6. Ref Joe Cryans’ comment, the quote: ” …. of a grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character – and containing false and malicious allegations and derogatory comments that caused Elish Frances McPhilomy or Angiolini care of Grampian Police Headquarters, Queen Street, Aberdeen “fear and alarm” …..” – were listed on Rusty’s charge sheet when he appeared before the Sheriff’s Court in Aberdeen on the 26th March.
    Not – of Dunblane – nor Edinburgh – nor Oxford – nor Cheshire – but c/o Grampian Police – aka Salmon’s Stasi.

  7. With regards to ‘Rusty’…

    Which do you think applies most here?

    Rendition, in law, is a transfer of persons from one jurisdiction to another, and the act of handing over, both after legal proceedings and according to law.

    Extraordinary rendition, however, is a rendition which is extralegal, i.e. outside the law (see: kidnapping). Rendition refers to the transfer itself; the apprehension, detention, interrogation, and any other practices occurring before and after the movement and exchange of extrajudicial prisoners do not fall into the strict definition of extraordinary rendition. In practice, however, the term is widely used to describe such practices, particularly the initial apprehension.

    Erroneous Rendition is when an innocent man is taken from one legal jurisdiction to another jurisdiction without justification and with malice?

    Answers on a postcard please…

  8. Rusty was a victim of Erroneous Rendition, snatched from his Cheshire home by a mob-handed force of Grampian Plods and transported to Aberdeen on the flawed legal premise that a computer IP is a person – hence without true justification, but with malice aforethought – just to shut his Prisoners of Conscience group up and prevent the utterance of further home truths concerning allegations of criminality and perversion of the course of justice involving dodgy Dame – and too questioning her moral integrity.

  9. Just a quick ? If Grampian police never completed a whole investigation into hollies abuse.did you report them to another force to see if they followed it up as far as I can find out that’s what you have to do in ie neglect of duty soz if his seems dumb

  10. There was an excellent programme on Radio 4 last night, this was in the series titles, “The Report”. It investigated the children who were abused, groomed and worse in the system that is known as the “care homes”.

    It transpires that the childrens’ care homes are run by private companies. They estimated that there are 21,000 children in these homes at any one time. The reality is that there is little, or no, “care”, rather the children are transported to areas outside their homes regions and left to their own devices. The companies buy houses in the cheaper housing areas, the North of England and the North West of England primarily. Rochdale is one area favoured as they can buy up larger houses for little cost relative to the south east.

    The children are not under the scrutiny of the local Social Services in these areas. They remain under the Social Services for their home area. This means that there is no supervision, or control. The councils haven’t a clue what goes on and children abscond, getting drugs and drink with no one to support them. They become prey to the paedophiles who groom, then abuse them.

    This system is disgusting and it appears that the safety and welfare of thousands of children are being sacrificed for profits of the private companies concerned.

    Quite when this state of affiars became the regime for child care in Britain was not disclosed. It is something else that needs to be addressed in our campaigns. What does it say about this country when children are treated in such a disgraceful manner?

  11. This is a great letter, to a great Lady. I only hope she reads it and acts upon it. As for Kenneth Clark, it is mine and probably many other peoples opinion that, if he, in his position chooses to lie as a Cabinet minister, he should be removed from his office and charged with Misfeasance in Public Office. This is a common law crime that carries a custodial sentence upon conviction but of course that would be down to the CPS, Police and Judiciary. So far there appears to have been misconduct and cover up in regard to these Public bodies.

  12. I too find it hard to berate the Queen herself when it comes to it, considering her years and years of faithful service to whatever she conceives she is serving and having viewed her this weekend on TV standing stoically literally for hours watching a spectacle which cannot have been consistently riveting, in ever-worsening weather and only at one point fitfully shaking off the rain which had inevitably blown in off her white dress. She is a prisoner chained to the system like all of the rest of us and yet subtely non-compliant, whilst continuing to ‘do her duty’ way past the age when most of us would be happy to hang up our hat she remains engaged and yet somehow consciously defiant as reflected by her consitent failure to smile during last evening’s Jubilee concert. Good on you Ma’am, I’d like to think you’ve seen through the nonsense!

  13. I have a similar reply from Kenneth Clarke who has just returned from the latest Bilderberg group meeting 2012. (MP, the minister for justice and a member of Bilderberg’s steering committee. Imagine having interests so conflicted!). The truth is the last thing on his mind.

  14. if you happen to write a letter to mr clarke, AGAIN, you may also want to ask him what is buisness was at the bilderberg meeting in washington dc june 12, and whom paid for his expenses, yes us british tax-payer,