A letter from Robert 27 March

Dear Admin at holliedemandsjustice.org

I have received another wonderful letter from Robert.  Getting letters from Robert sets the positive tone for the rest of my day!  Nothing seems to dampen his spirits and the news of the Facebook ‘party’ that was held in his honour has gone down a treat with him and his fellow prisoners.  Robert also informed me that many of the regular writers to him are receiving a huge level of support and thanks from the other prisoners as they also like to read his letters of support and hear about campaign up-dates.  Most of the prisoners are now telling their relatives to ‘Google Hollie Greig’.  It would seem Robert’s presence at HMP Aberdeen is causing quite a change in the air there, for the better.  Robert can’t walk around without other prisoners keeping an eye on him to ensure nothing happens to his personal safety!

So, as usual, I have been asked to pass on a HUGE ‘thank you’ from Robert to everyone who is writing in with their jokes (good & bad ones), newspaper cuttings, photos, general comments and ‘help & advice’ regarding his own case as well as the campaign.  All of this is having an immensely positive impact in the jail as a whole, something Robert is particularly pleased about.  Everybody writes differently, so Robert loves to receive every single letter (from 24 countries so far and counting) even if the subject matter is identical to the last, as everyone sees things differently and puts it across in their own way.  It is a clear to Robert that he is at the front of our minds and shows him that his temporary physical absence has had no negative impact on the strength of the campaign!  That is what pleases him the most, the fact that the campaign is proceeding unabated!

If I may, I would like to ask that Robert’s specific request to me be published.  Here are Roberts words, verbatim…

"There has been another development, which can be published.  As you know, I have been pressing for the identity of the person who appointed Bowan to my case through Elaine McLeod at Stonehaven Sheriff Court.  Ms McLeod refuses to name the actual person but now states that Bowan was appointed the Sheriff Principle by the Grampian Highlands and Islands.  I understand that this mysterious individual is none other than Sir Stephen Young, another board member of the Northern Lighthouse Board."

Therefore, the links with the Northern Lighthouse Board, which originally appeared to be harmless, no longer appear to be as innocuous as first thought.  Something I think that is worth following up.

Please ask everyone to keep the cards & letters flowing in to Robert – from around the world.  HMP Aberdeen is currently experiencing something it has never known before, as a result of their current and most respected resident: prisoner number 125799 – George Robert Green!

Ian McFerran

2 thoughts on “A letter from Robert 27 March

  1. As I understand but someone with more knowledge/information and understanding than me can confirm all ‘received’communications from UK PM Come Dine with Me Cameron (of 10 Dining Street) have been that he is assured that the devolved government under the stewardship of Alex Salmond in Scotland have carried out ‘thorough investigation’ in the Hollie Greig enquiry.
    Then why with the connections of and statements that Sheriff Principal Sir Stephen Young Bt QC,Sheriff Principal of Grampian, Highlands and Islands appointed SP EF Bowen Edinburgh to ‘adjudicate’ in Roberts trial in Aberdeenshire NE Scotland. Under the terms of the Scotland Act 1998, the NLB is not a devolved body and thus remains directly accountable to the UK Secretary of State for Transport, taking the circle back to UK PM so why does the current emcumbent of 10 Dining Street not take responsibility and act instead of hiving this off as a Scottish issue – Its a world wide issue the abuse of our children Cameron
    The NLB is funded by pooled light dues administered by the UK’s Department of Transport and distributed to the NLB via Camerons chancellor….do your own calculations I have.

  2. i had a lovely letter today it said to MUMSY which quite upset me ,he loved all i sent and he said mail bag of lettters had arrived ,keep him busy ,reading and writing replys,he sounded in his letter as he is taking it all in his stride,like the gentleman he is ,because after all he has done NOTHING WRONG ,boy will he have a party when he gets out ,all please keep writing ,uplift his spirits ,aberdeen prison dont know whats hit them ,his a celebrity and deserves that status GOD BLESS ALL VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS can u tell him im away last 2 weeks in august and i want to party too ,so avoid those 2 weeks for release date lol xxx