A message from Robert Green

Since having been released on 17th May 2012, Robert Green is subject to some pretty draconian restrictions imposed upon him which make it impossible for him to communicate or go about his daily life freely.

However, he has sent the following information which he wanted us to publish.

From robert green
Sent: 01 June 2012 09:42
Subject: Important


I just wanted to remind you of something important that I asked last week and after speaking to one of my legal advisors, I need to stress this, especially as I am unable to access my own blog.

Please make it clear on the HDJ site that only one site that is controlled by me and that is "holliedemandsjustice robert green`s blog", which is for your protection as well as mine.

Other than that, I think our opponents have a real need to panic.


There you have it.

7 thoughts on “A message from Robert Green

  1. The arrest and jailing of Robert Green demonstrates corruption and abuse of the legal process by those in positions of power.

    Such actions have been typical of Soviet style oppressive Governments all over the World from China to Chile

    And the same thing always happens to critics of those people – trumped up charges are produced, and the so called “Judge” issues a guilty verdict every time.

    The charges against Robert are true in one respect though – he really has scared the hell out of one evil gang in Aberdeen.

    Well done Robert.

  2. Robert Green is one of the UK’s political prisoners and needs to be regarded as having that status officially. Robert was the subject of an extraordinary rendition, having neen transported unlafully from his home in Warrington to Aberdeen and then imprisoned illegally and in breach of his rights under the Human Rights Act.

    The oppressors who seek to cover up all the paedophile abuse are about to get their just deserts. Same with those who have aided them in their crimes. The evil, sick, scum are beneath humanity.

  3. this case is not about about personalities
    it concerns high ranking members of the judiciary who have been accused of institutional child molestation with numerous children of whom hollie greig is only one.
    .they have not been questioned by any of the authorities and have chosen to remain silent while hiring their legal friends to keep them out of court at a cost of millions of pounds
    anyone who questions them or calls for a public inquiry is vilified or jailed or worse
    you can draw your own conclusions

  4. welcome home Robert,the fight goes on ,justice will prevail ,hope you are well,and your spirits high,hope to see you at next london rally in september love and best wishs mumsy xxx