4 thoughts on “A statement from Anne Greig on the disinformation campaign on Facebook

  1. hi Anne ,i read your letter ,i tried to feel as you wrote it ,i would be heart broken ,i too trust Belindas integrity and yours too,we wont stop ,we wont stop for hollie ,close to my heart my cousin Maureen is downs too,so we have that connection ,shes never treaded any differant and she married john who has learning difficulties,a lovely couple ,you mist only think of yourself and Hollie ,fools fall at way side ,love to you both xxx brenda we met outside court the older lady xxx

  2. Sorry to tap into your chat Sandra and Christine……as you know Hollie and Anne are now resident in England and thus come under English Law…..this means they are entitled to Common Law or Constitutional Law ie are entitled too by law to a full open court and a full 12 person jury.

    Common Law is the highest law in this country ie England and thus takes precedence over Govenment Statute Law……..she can again appeal and apply for a hearing for a full court and jury…..I have been pushing this aspect untill I have become blue in the face…..as those that attended London on the first appeal know that I was there to see Hollie and Anne and also to defend my right to receive the same under Common Law…….my case has now been approved to have such a court case and my next visit to the court is an attempt by myself and my associate to force disclosure of police documents regarding my case and also to apply for a stay of proceedings as it would appear that the complainant in my case could well be guilty of fraud to which I published in my article and it was that which caused my case to arise on defamation etc etc……please please please I beg you guy to seriously look into this….I am amazed that no one has looked into this despite my constant nagging..

    Under our law it is our Constitutional Right to have a Trial by Jury otherwise know as Common Law Jurisdiction Jury…..one can only assume that if another appeal can be placed and at the same time an apolication for the above there could well be a glimmer of hope…..if your legal people are not fully aware of Common Law as opposed to Statute Law then they need to be educated……..The Common Law of England otherwise refered to as Common Sense Law or the Unwritten Law trumpts Statute Law……..Statute Law technically unless it compliments Common Law could well be illegal under our old established law much of which is still in existence ie Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights…..there are also some aspects of Human Rights that can also be referred too but one has to be careful as this country now refees to EU law which technically again is illegal under our Constitution…..this is all very complex but your legal team must get their heads to the grindstone and start looking at this area…..which in most cases they are not familiar with……….you may find it hard to believe but to put it bluntly…..under the Unwritten Law if one is guilty of a crime one can go out into the city and grab 12 people whom you do not know and whom do not know……sit down with them…….state your case and allow them to decide your fate……that basically is how simple it is……however the legal system is so complex now you cannot see the wood for the trees and much like the pharmaceutical industry is out to make a killing (financially speaking)……hope this is of some help…Peter Eyre 14/3/2012

  3. Please keep the faith Anne….there are many of us out there who are supporting you and Hollie as well as Robert.