A time for silence and a time for doing

We had taken a decision earlier this month not to make any direct public comment with regards to the tirade of disinformation being put about by our detractors. We still feel that not engaging with them is the right and proper approach when dealing with matters legal.

However, at the request of several supporters we shall give a limited response.

We have to give it to Dragon and Major, they really are star video performers, so much so that they deserve Oscar nominations, however body language experts tell a different story. With credits also to the same film-crew who assisted throughout Robert Green’s campaign, on Hollie’s behalf in Scotland, having been exposed as infiltrators just before he went to prison. Having gained his trust and steered him into the steely embrace of Scottish corrupt injustice system they then summarily dumped him and switched sides. These same people took over the once legitimate Holliedemandsjustice Youtube and Facebook sites ousting our ardent supporter Sandra Barr who originally setup the Facebook account.

Could these 2 seemingly sweet little old ladies’ turn out to be the latest victims of these techno-gangsters ‘Johnny & Mcleod’ who are going around filming all and anyone in a combative engagement on ultra-sensitive issues in Scotland, in order to cash in on anyone who will pay them for their services, regardless of which side of the moral divide they happen to be on? Are they on the payroll of Levy & McRae’s investigative team? Were they the ones who were paid £700 by Sheriff Buchanan through PDI Investigations to video Robert Green? We must say they have been particularly helpful by doing an interview with these two women, caught lying on camera, nice one thank you. As they say, if you give people enough rope they will hang themselves with their own words.

And hung themselves they have.

We do not intend to go into an internet point by point rebuttal, but here are just a few examples. These and the rest will be followed through, hopefully by the end of the year, by direct legal action.

Wyn Dragon claims Anne had received “a little scratch” caused by Denis Mackie and that she needs sectioning, inferring she is mentally unstable. This is completely untrue, medical reports prove a very different story. Anne is a caring and loving mother who has fought a long and bitter campaign in bringing the perpetrators of these crimes against her daughter to book. Despite having to flee from her home, and taken up a place in a woman’s refuge she still feels as committed to the campaign as the first day when she discovered what had happened to her daughter.

Anne lived in close proximity of both Dragon and Major, yet Sylvia Major claims on camera Anne cut herself off from the family for 17 years. She knows full well she attended birthday parties with her mother and her children. She also states Hollie was never abused. This is a double negative. How can she know Hollie was not abused if she had not seen her for 17 years? Expert reports say different and she Major is named in those reports. Sylvia Major does not have any expert qualifications, medical or otherwise.

Even after this lengthy passage of time, it seems totally inexplicable as to why this particular woman would attend the High Court in London (700 miles from her home) having been named as an perpetrator of these vile allegations. It must be noted Major and Dragon claimed to have been suffering from trauma as a result of the allegations at Robert Green’s trial. It seems too coincidental that only two weeks later she had made a remarkable recovery and went to London a day earlier for other business and just happened to walk to the High Court to attend the hearing, to which she was not a party.

Too much of a coincidence when the hearing had nothing to do with allegations made against her. She sat directly behind Hollie.

In the video, Major claims she did not sit behind Hollie in the High Court. We are in possession of a substantial amount of ‘irrefutable evidence’ that proves she did. Once another legal matter has been cleared, and the process of collecting the last of the affidavits is complete, we shall be taking the next steps to mount a legal case against Major for intimidation – in the English courts.

There is a time for silence and a time for doing. So at this point we are calling you both, Wyn Dragon and Sylvia Major, blatant liars. With imminent changes to some of the laws in Scotland and a series of separate and diverse legal actions being planned by us, wait for the summons to hit your carpet.

12 thoughts on “A time for silence and a time for doing

  1. Good response.


    A direct stripe and paste from BBC News online this am – quote: ” A legal loophole which has allowed hundreds of child abusers to escape prosecution has been closed, Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has said.
    From Monday anyone who deliberately causes or allows serious physical harm to a child or vulnerable adult faces up to 10 years in prison.
    Taking effect in England and Wales, it also enables prosecutions of people who stay silent or blame someone else.
    The justice secretary said the move was a boost to child protection.” – unquote.

    A pity this only applies to England and Wales and not Scotland – specifically Aberdeen’s “Paedophile Park & National Kiddie Fiddling Reserve”.

  2. I would just like to say that I watched the video and it was very clear to me that the ‘Two sweet little old ladies’ were lying. The reason I know? I have watched many videos of Robert Green and Belinda and I have also watched the two old ladies.
    Fortunately, we have within us an innate radar system which works on a subconscious level alerting us to who we should trust and who we should not. In ancient times this was a survival mechanism. Women were especially skilled in this as they were the protectors of their children while their men went off hunting and gathering often leaving the family alone for days. It is said to be one of the reasons that women talk more than men because entering into conversation allowed them the time to watch and listen for the tell-tale signs of liars and cheats as they scan and assess a stranger’s intentions. Today some would call it their ‘gut feeling’.
    While recent technology has invented some very high-tech devices to scan the face for truth-telling it can never be as accurate as our ‘gut feeling’… ignored at our peril!
    As we are no longer tribal most of us don’t rely upon this inherent scanning system but it is still very much there if you pay attention to it. I happen to be very attuned to mine and so that’s how I know that the ‘Two little old ladies’ are lying. A simple and forever accurate system, try it out for yourself 🙂

  3. Those poor old detractors….

    They are totally sincere, so I expect that they too will soon DEMAND a Public Inquiry into Hollie’s case?

  4. Being a lifelong victim of theft, corruption and whitewash by the Scottish establishment system, I remain very interested in the case and look at both sides for a balanced argument but if I were a juror on Hollie’s case, I’d now satisfactorily find the pair of them guilty as charged on this testimony alone!!! Obviously the police did not carry out much of an investigation on them.

    No motive, inconsistency, guilt ridden body language, the testimony being consistent only with Anne herself being a victim of physical abuse by Denis as well now of possible estate theft (of which I currently am a victim, if anyone is interested, my Dad’s will blatantly forged by crook(s) in the offices of local Scottish Mafiosi solicitors).

    The video is so damming on Dragon and Major I thought at first Hollie supporters had to be behind the interview:


    Dragon: “To say they had to flee Scotland is absolute total rubbish. Who was bothering them? Not a soul so that’s lies.”

    Interviewer: “So why did she move from Scotland?

    Dragon: “You tell me. I’ve no idea. Probably because she’d done such an evil thing by naming all of us that she couldn’t face us so it was easier to run off I would think.”

    Major: Yes.

    Dragon: “What other reason? They were a lovely happy family. Greg was so caring and Denis loved her to bits.”

    Major: “She just wanted revenge on Denis for leaving her.”

    Dragon: But she left him.

    Major: Well whatever?

    Interviewer: Why do you think she accused you?

    Major: “I’ve no idea. I’ve no idea. I’ve never even had a cross word with her.”

    Dragon: “Jealousy because you were close to Dennis perhaps.”

    Major: “Yes. Probably because she was a very jealous, insanely jealous person but.”

    Dragon: “I’m not too sure but she was convinced her mother must have had a lot of money and there appeared to be none.”

    Dragon: “She’d become obsessed.”

    Dragon: “This business of Denis beating her up is absolute rubbish. And I was there the night Denis was supposed to have thrown a Hoover at her…ok there was a little bit of blood and a little scratch…now my opinion would be that there had been a row and Denis had just thrown the Hoover into the bedroom and maybe nicked her but she was in a terrible state.”

    Major: “Then she was running away in the middle of the night with her nightie on. She was doing all sorts of silly things.

    Major: “She was just unstable.”


    There are in my experience three types of ladies who might run into the street in their night clothes:

    1. Victims of fire or other threat such as burglary.
    2. Victims of senile dementia i.e. the elderly.
    3. Victims of domestic abuse.

    Poor Anne, loosing her brother, whacked with Hoovers, no wonder she fled. My prayers are with you both.

    The jury may now retire:

    What is it they say? It’ll all come out in the wash but given we can’t get justice in the Scottish system we have to conduct the trial by a jury of peers out in the open.

    Please tell Hollie and Anne we are very pleased for both over this testimony. Robert you are wholly exonerated!

    Dragon/ Major: Guilty as (should be) charged!

  5. I have just seen the start of the video with the 2 named individuals. [Admin: Rest of this comment deleted as inappropriate].

  6. I agree with the general consensus here that these two have shot themselves in both feet while digging themselves into a hole.

    They aren’t even very good liars.

    The entire video relies on ad hominem, appeals to ridicule & authority, & numerous crude attempts to suggest Anne is mentally ill.

    They also attempt to suggest that the accusations of conspiracy are in themselves symptoms of mental illness.

    Of course, these ridiculous tactics have been traditionally used by abusers in order to marginalise & smear the credibility of the children they rape, but the blatant complicity of the mockingbird media is something to behold in it’s deliberate & premeditated wickedness.

    The video interviews are a desperate attempt to counter the growing awareness of people that we have a massive problem with organised paedophile rings which are largely made up of politicians, police, judiciary, & let’s not forget Queenie & Phil’s documented visit to a children’s home / concentration camp in Canada & the removal of 10 indigenous children never to be seen again.

    Then we see that diabolical paedophile pope Ratzinger…

    This issue is on an international scale involving the most powerful & wealthy people in the world.

    The very same people who control media, judiciary & own politicians.

    The same people who use deception & force to launch illegal wars on sovereign countries, commit atrocious & depraved war crimes & crimes against humanity whilst proclaiming the legitimacy of the killing of millions in the name of ‘humanitarian mission’

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so twisted.

    Then, there are the silent politicians like Salmond who don’t even acknowledge receipt of numerous legitimate inquiries & questions.

    When the truth is established & those people who rape children are made accountable for their crimes, we must also remember that they were protected by a large number of police, politicians, social workers, judiciary (Hmmm, the same professions of the paedophiles who raped & tortured Holly & others)

    They are just as guilty of crimes against children.

    We need to redouble our efforts now as those behind this are clearly getting desperate & resorting to crude, shabby propaganda & more lies which will one day be the reason the elaborate house of cards will fall to reveal the utterly corrupt & evil individuals & power structures which are unwilling & incapable of reform & must now be dismantled.

    They are going for broke because they know if they don’t win this war, they will go to jail & lose their power & credibility.

    Love & respect to Hollie, Robert & Anne.

  7. Keep the pressure on and slowly but surely these high up child abusers will fall by the wayside. What everyone needs to remember is, what this campaign is dealing with is the deepest of deep Satanic evil and the perpetrators of this evil will recruit and handsomely pay anyone who will assist them in cover up and short term protection from the truth. If you put yourself in their predicament and desperation, you may do your best cover up, to protect your own arse, at all costs, knowing what could happen if the shit really hit’s the fan. You can understand why they will pullout all of the stops, to shield themselves from the truth.

  8. So now, since their effort to clear themselves and win sympathy from the public has failed (because let’s face it, they’re not going to win any Oscars for that performance are they, nor for that matter those filming them) what are the ladies’ next options?
    Really their next option, having failed to convince the public, is to stop trying to be Meryl Streep and to join with the rest of the public in demanding a proper police investigation of Hollie’s abuse, such as should have happened in 2000, then we wouldn’t be having all this trouble now. With the focus firmly on Denis Mackie against whom the evidence is strongest, so that with a bit of luck this by now well-known paedophile can be put away at long last.*
    Then for good measure, they should sue Hollie and Anne, just like Hollie and Anne are going to sue them.
    But I have to say Major has already played a tactically very silly card in attending court in London on 2nd March. This did not look at all good at the time and certainly won’t help her legal defence down the line. The unfortunate interview with the notorious Johnny & McLeod has only taken her further down the snake’s tail.

    *Interestingly, when all those Names were flying around Ferryhill in early 2010, Mackie and Greg were the only ones who did not complain to the police about Robert Green.

  9. It does not take Einstein to see right through those two women! Who do they really think they are trying to kid? As they say, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people, all of the time. A brief understanding of body language can expose lies uttered by the spoken voice. Body language does not lie. An expert analysing the interview of Dragon and Major would ask; are these two people reacting normally given the situation? In this case, no they are not, their reaction is totally abnormal, they are FAR to calm, considering they have been accused of a serious crime!! Also, Dragon keeps over emphasising “They were such a lovely family, in one section, 3 times in 3.11 mins.

    Watch their body language, the one without glasses, I think is Major, she keeps jerking her shoulders every time she makes a statement, watch her demeanour and eyes.

    Dragon said in one breath how much she loved/s Anne and how much she misses her, then in the next breath she says she needs sectioning. She really loves Anne….huh?? I don’t think so.

    Sylvia Major we where in the High Court in London along with many other people, we all saw you sitting directly behind Hollie, you are a bare faced LIER. If you lied about this, what else have you lied about and what are you afraid of?

    Sylvia Major you seriously miscalculated when you decided visit the High Court to intimidate Anne and Hollie, you have been caughtt out by your behaviour that day and now with your lies.

    My family and I are not fooled by your dramatics, neither should anyone else.

    Stay strong Anne and Hollie, your time will come, and so will theirs! We are all behind you!

  10. I haven’t watched the video, nor do I intend to. What I do want to do is tell Hollie’s supporters to get out of the main High St. banks. The collapse has begun, please move your banking to either the Nationwide or Co-operative banks. Do it asap. I worked for over 20 years in Barclays I.T., trust my words.

  11. I have been following this case for many years as I was a friend of Anne’s when I lived in Scotland. I used to talk to her though was not a close friend as I knew her because of the children. I just must come forward now and say that the ‘sweet little old ladies’ were certainly lying when they say they had no contact for all those years! I often saw the kids Jennifer and Catherine Major, Paul and Richard Dragon all playing together in the Duthie Park when Anne stayed in Polmuir Road. I and my children were sometimes invited to birthday parties that Anne had for her children. Sylvia Major was also there with her mother and children, in fact one party one of her children actually took a kitten, which was a bit strange. So for her to say Anne cut herself off is such a lie! Her husband Denis Mackie fell out with his sister – sibling rivalry, nothing to the rest of their family. Also they make light of the bad time Anne had with her husband. I remember one time after she had returned from Singapore Denis was working, Anne had put a private detective on him because of his philandering behaviour, he really thought he was god’s gift. She and found out he was sleeping with prostitutes, she went to sort it out with him as she had enough of his cheating. The next time I saw her saw her with dark glasses and heavy make up to conceal her black eye – he inflicted on her! Her husband always seemed very arrogant thought he was it. I was worried about her at the time but not close enough to have interfered. I have always regretted that now I know more about the situation she was in. She very upset at finding out what she had always suspected. I am so sorry Anne, I wish with all my heart I had been there for you and if there is anything I can do for you now, just let me know. And give all my love to Hollie, such a lovely girl. I will email privately to get back in touch if that I OK with you?