All set to go for resumption of Robert’s trial at Stonehaven, 16th January

Robert has just returned from his latest ‘interim diet’ at Stonehaven and seems at first blast to be pleased with his new legal team “although it’s impossible to know what’s really going on in the background in Scotland, as ever”, as he now cautiously puts it.

Whilst sojourning in Aberdeenshire, a delight officially debarred him (mysteriously waived on no less than 15+ occasions), he took the opportunity to call in at Stonehaven police station, to lodge a formal complaint about “a likely conspiracy to pervert the course of justice involving the Crown, [his previous Counsel] Frances McMenamin QC and the Scottish Sun, as well as a prima facie case of breaching the terms of the Data Protection Act”.

“Of course, it was all too much for the poor woman officer on duty [Vicky Henderson] but at least I`ve made a start. I have copied in the court and Sheriff-Principal Bowen, who, despite what he said in court [in November], is now officiating at my trial [in January], which sounds suspicious to me, although today he was far more pleasant towards my team and less towards the Crown”.

The services of the Procurator Fiscal for Edinburgh, Stephen McGowan as Prosecutor have also been retained by the Sheriff, who once again chose to overlook the issue of his possibly needing to be called as witness in the case.

Thus the stage is set, with dramatis personae more or less quo ante, for the resumption of what have already proved to be some very interesting proceedings, by any legal, psycho-sociological or political measure, at Stonehaven Sheriff Court, Monday 16th January 2012.

See Robert’s blog for a fuller report


One thought on “All set to go for resumption of Robert’s trial at Stonehaven, 16th January

  1. Hello Belinda,things are indeed set to go.The corruption and and evil that lurks beneath the surface of this whole case and the awful and inhumane events that visited Hollie and Anne’s lives will be brought to the fore.As I wrote to the bold Mr Salmond the other day “this will not go away” and those responsible and involved are not above the laws of truth and justice.All peoples who know of this case must keep pushing for answers and never take no for an answer purely because it is right and just to do so.My full support and love to you all,gary,,,