Angiolini and Bowen on Board together

Anyone who has been following the Hollie Greig case for the past 2-3 years and most recently, the trial of Robert Green at Stonehaven this month will be aware that most of the key figures in this drama (who needs TV soap-operas?) are connected ‘socially’, as several confirmed to the court.

Sheriff Buchanan, the Mackies (Anne’s family by marriage), the Majors, the Dragons etc., appear to be all apparently the very best of friends and we can certainly factor in pathologist Dr James Grieve who carried out the autopsy on Roy Greig in 1997, declaring his death ‘suicide’, spotted last week by Green’s supporters (a suspicious lot, if ever there were), following giving evidence on Thursday 19th January, being shaken very warmly by the hand by Sylvia Major followed by an embracing hug, widow of Terry Major, erstwhile senior Forensics Officer of Grampian Police who blocked the investigation into Hollie’s abuse in 2000. Mother of Catherine and Jennifer, the former of whom exhibited promising thespian potential by weeping at the witness-stand, the only witness so to do in these proceedings and at a certain level we were sorry for her tears, knowing what she might have endured as a child…but she could still break ranks…..

That the Police could not find any evidence to suggest any connection between the accused was the reason that they then sectioned Anne Greig.

Sheriff Buchanan’s vagueness regarding his connections with Elish Angiolini over a professional period which overlapped geographically for a whole 5 years convinced no one in the public gallery on 17th January, it has to be said.

So it is par for the course that a serious connection between Sheriff Principal Bowen and Dame Elish has come to light, in that they were colleagues on the board of Northern Lighthouse Board charity in 2010 possibly going into 2011, we need to establish when exactly the pair suddenly stood down from their service to this worthy cause and whether this happened around the same time, as we suspect.

See Robert’s latest blog-entry on the issue

‘Ian McFerret’ (with his permission!) is already at the next stage:


For the attention of The Compliance Officer

Northern Lighthouse Board
84 George Street

Dear FoI Officer,

I am submitting this request for information to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, as per your website’s instructions although I draw your attention to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 as well, which I believe applies here also, to ensure there is no confusion.

Today, I have checked here:

Committee Membership 2011

and also here:

Our Commissioners

But was unable to locate the information I require.  Having followed the clear advice on your website and being unable to locate the information specific to my enquiry, I must, therefore, submit this FoI request to you for the specific details I require.

I must stress that this request is pertinent to an investigation of high importance and great public interest.  However, I must also stress that this FoI request is NOT related to the activity of your organisation and wish to point out that no ill-feeling or suspicion is being cast on you as a result of this FoI enquiry.

I wish to know when the following three public figures/servants were first secured by your organisation and when, if ever, they left your organisation.

·        The Rt. Hon. Elish Angiolini, QC. WS. (now a Dame’)

·        Sheriff, Principal, Edward Bowen CBE. TD. QC

·        Frank Mulholland QC.

In addition, I have one more question.  Were/are any or all of the three named people above ever paid for their services in their capacity of ‘Commissioners’ or any other role or was/is their involvement with the Northern Lights Board strictly voluntary?  Please note, I am not asking for the amount they were paid, simply if they were or not at any time in any capacity.

Thank you in advance for your full reply, which is due within the 40 consecutive days allowed for Freedom of Information requests.

Yours sincerely,

Ian McFerran

One thought on “Angiolini and Bowen on Board together

  1. Keep up the good fight and never give up, you/we will get there one day because you hold the moral high ground……justice for hollie.