With Robert safely locked away, the focus now switches back to Anne and Hollie who constitute the remaining threat to a certain group of people in Scotland and their supporters in England.  Their Permission to Appeal, & Appeal Hearing have been confirmed for Friday 2nd March as originally scheduled, despite the fact that Anne has only just got legal aid.

So please if you possibly can, be at the Royal Courts of Justice on Friday 2nd March at 10am to show support for Hollie and Anne.

For the next fortnight, news about Robert will be on the Free Robert Green site to free up this site for exclusively Hollie news. Robert has given his full endorsement for this strategy.

Over the weekend please get writing, posting and blogging to anyone and everyone.



  1. There needs to be a proper thorough investigations by Parliament into the Hollie Greig case, Robert Greens imprisonment, and the secret closed courts where atrocious perversions and miscarriages of justice are taking place daily where children are removed unjustly from good parents on the say-so of dubious social workers, for which there is overwhelming evidence which is completely ignored by any relevant authority when its presented to it.
    It is an outrage.

  2. ‘Evil happens when good men and women do nothing and up until now I am guilty as charged. I am just a little anonymous person, mother of three, wife, sister, daughter but perhaps when enough of us ‘little ones’ wake up to the responsibility of being the keystone that holds everything in place, justice and peace will then reign supreme. In Responsibility, Integrity, Forgiveness and Trust – the great RIFT that humanity desperately needs, I will be attending the Royal Courts of Justice on Friday to support Anne and Holly.

  3. Following the article in the Scottish Sun newspaper on the 27th February 2012; headline: Secret suffering of kid sex slaves age five – SCOTS youngsters are being lured into a living hell of child sex slavery by depraved paedophile rings, a Scottish Sun investigation can reveal.
    The article is written by two of Scotland’s most strategically placed individuals when it comes to the concerns and issues of young children in Scotland. AILEEN CAMPBELL, Minister for Children and Young People, and Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People.
    So it goes without saying they must be asked what is their opinion on the Robert Green and Hollie Grieg case, and more importantly, Hollie’s hearing at the High Court Strand, London, this coming Friday 2nd March 2012.
    Those involved in the campaign are being asked to forward and share this article and more importantly they contact and email Aileen Campbell and Tam Baillie, – a template letter is available to use, – members just need to add their name, – or write their own version;
    Here’s an extract from the Scottish Sun article by Aileen Campbell: “There is no more important role for us all than keeping our children safe and well. – As both a mother and Scotland’s Children’s Minister, I want our country to be the best place for our bairns to grow up. A place where they’re free from harm and enjoy loving childhoods and prosperous futures. To make this happen, it’s vital we deal with evils such as child trafficking and child sexual exploitation — and the Scottish Government is committed to doing so. We’ve recently commissioned research examining the scope and nature of child sexual exploitation in Scotland”. [1]
    And here’s an extract of what Tam Baillie said: “ALMOST a year ago I published a report into child trafficking in which I said that Scotland was failing the victims of this horrible crime. I estimated that at least 80 children may have been trafficked into Scotland during an 18-month period — without a single person being convicted for the crimes.- The new warnings from Strathclyde Police are an urgent wake-up call — they suggest this may well now be an underestimated. There are no accurate or reliable statistics on the scale of the problem.” [1]
    Aileen Campbell: Tel 0131-348 6707 Fax 0131-348 6709. Constituency address;Room 9, Kirkton Chambers, Carluke ML8 4AB.
    Tam Baillie: Tel: 0131 558 3733 Fax: 0131 556 3378 Address: 85 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AU. To tweet him;!/rightssccyp

    Dear Aileen/Tam,
    I write to you as a concerned citizen, and after reading your views on the shameful subject and problem of paedophilia in Scotland, I am intrigued to know you views on the Hollie Greig and Robert Green cases.

    They are major campaigns under way supporting both Hollie and Robert, they are urgent cases, and why this matter needs immediate addressing, so would appreciate an answer from you within 48hrs of receiving this letter via email.
    I would like to know what you are proposing to do to help Hollie Greig in her forth coming hearing at the laws courts this Friday the 2nd March 2012 at 10:30am. Will you be writing to the judge, saying that in your opinion, and by what you can perceive as to what the majority of the public want; which is a full investigation into the Hollie Greig case, and justice for Robert Green with his immediate release from prison subject to an appeal, – he doesn’t need to remain incarcerated in the meanwhile, he could be tagged if necessary.
    Though more importantly, and as urgent, are the lives and futures of Hollie and her mother Anne at this Friday hearing, as it is here and then when the appeal judge will decide their fate, will Hollie be able to remain with her mum, or snatched away and placed into care with strangers?
    So with these points in mind, can you briefly explain your position and stance on this, and what it is you are perhaps proposing you could do and intervene and help Hollie at this hearing, and in regards to Robert being granted bail, – and until leave of appeal has been granted and his appeal heard.
    Yours Sincerely – David McCann,
    [1] Read more:

    The offical Hollie Grieg website;
    Ian McFerran see link;
    Free Robert Green;
    Letters of support to Robert Green: