Another day, another arrest, more coverup by the corrupt elite in Scotland

Another day, another arrest, more coverup by the corrupt elite in Scotland.

This from the ‘Rusty’s Skewed News Views in Stasis‘ blog.
Friday, 30 March 2012
Rusty’s Skewed News Views in Stasis
Hello Readers n Followers of this blog alike.

My husband Rusty was arrested last Friday by a mob-handed gang of Scotland’s Finest: Grampian Police from Aberdeen – on charges of expressing an opinion concerning the content of the last post on his blog which apparently have upset the subject involved.

Rusty has been charged with a variety of offences concerning his campaign to expose the Hollie Grieg / Robert Green paedophilia ring scandals and invoke an investigation of those involved and is curently bailed – with certain conditions imposed – specifically that he cannot access the internet and hence the Skewed News Views blog.

So it looks like another Robert Green style show trial is afoot – the last one is rumoured to have cost well in excess of £500,000 – and another Prisoner of Conscience going to jail to silence them.

Regards to all,

Mrs Rusty

This heavy handed approach to covering up failures is unfortunately becoming endemic in Scotland, and as the Hollie Demands Justice campaign has said over and over, if Grampian Police had done their job properly in the first place, there would be no need for this campaign.

It is not too late for Grampian Police to redeem themselves, to investigate those who are using public funds to coverup paedophilia at the highest levels. This shameful situation cannot continue forever.

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  1. I wonder if they’ll empty the local prisons and police cells before the 14th April… when Aberdeen is descended upon from all routes and means to share leaflets and information around. Where will they put us all? There will be large groups, small groups and individuals. They can’t catch us all.

    As this report commentary says, maybe Grampian Police should start doing their job rather than harassing the public!

    • Yes is there any proof of this? I just feel the campaign and official website has to be careful and KNOW that things like this are factual and not some dis-info to disrupt the movement.

  2. Can I make a suggestion regarding 14th April? Would it be an idea to sort out legal representation in advance, or at least get a few names of possible solicitors who are prepared to take cases on?

  3. Dear All,
    This is actually a real victory, arresting the blogger “Rusty”, as there now can be another legal campaign on his arrest, with all the media coverage it entails. The Grampian police can be forced into corner here. The key thing is to take more direct action. This action should always be non-violent, Ghandian protest. It is very powerful. The forthcoming descent on Aberdeen, needs to get organized re legal representation, legal observers, and videoing everything that happens. Also, an emergency phone line for those arrested protesting. I would also like to say that when the Police arrest someone, then release them on “Police Bail” do not fall into this legal trap, do not go along with it. This is very important. The police have imposed free speech violations on Rusty, as a bail condition. etc etc. OK. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS POLICE BAIL. IT DOES NOT LEGALLY EXIST. The form they make you sign is entirely voluntary. You do NOT have to sign it. Police baiil is a scam that they use to shut you up.
    You have to be either charged, after arrest, or released without charge. That is your right. If they do not charge you, they must release you within a time limit. Thats the law. Police bail is a stigma they try to put on you, to imply you have done something wrong. Now, what should happen, is that either, within the legal time limits, they charge you, or they release you. if you refuse police bail, and demand to be charged or released, they become very nervous. They will not, normally, have any significant charges at this point. They will have to hurridly invent some, or release you uncharged, unbailed. If they do charge you, do not accept police bail. They then have to takke you to court, within 24 hours or so, in custody, and bring you infront of the copurt, for a hearing. You can apply for bail there. The Judge will try and impose illegal conditions, such as no internet, etc. They can be opposed by a lawyer representing you. It all becomes very public. if there are a lot of you, it jams up the court. The media get to notice. The thing is, if the judge sets unreasonable bail conditions, you can politely tell him to go and get fucked. You do not have to accept offered conditions. This will mean that you remain in custody, so you will need to be very determined. But your lawyer can go to a higher court, and ask for reasonable bail conditions. if refused, thats a story in itself, for the media. Of course, if you are really strong, then you can tell them that no reasonable bail, then no bail. Then you are in jail, and a political prisoner. Oh dear. This bit is only for the strongest of protestors. but your lawyer can keep applying for bail, repeatedly. You will make a huge impact. A dozen of you, and it will be Global news. A big protest outside the court is legal. A protest outside the Chief constable’s house, is legal. (once). Make it a big one. Peaceful. raise the stakes. I trust and pray that a brave few will do this. It will detonate the campaign.


    Anonymous said…
    Alas Rusty, yet another of our socio-political conscience champions falls victim to the Establishment crime syndicate.

    Rusty’s a mirror of Robert Green and one of a dying breed – a constant thorn in their sides for his expose work on the plight of the Palestinians under Zionism, the Rothschild banksters, government abuse around the world, the global warming scam to push the carbon credits exchange bourse and so many more crimes and scams – and in this case the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal and his friend Robert Green’s unjust prosecution.

    The word from inside Grampian Police is that Rusty has been charged with offences under the Communications Act 2003, Section 127 (1) (a) and also Section 39 (1) of the Criminal Justice and Licensing Act (Scotland) Act 2010.

    This is related to the ‘Ban Elish Angiolini from St Hugh’s Oxford’ Facebook page his Prisoners of Conscience group started up along with his Skewed News Views blog posts condemning the woman being elected Principal of the college and too being awarded the female version of a knighthood by the Queen.

    Even though this woman is under criminal investigation (well there is a crime reference number assigned to the case: CS-20120125-0112) for the misuse of public funds directly related to the Hollie Greig abuse coverup and silencing of media outlets, she still can pull strings and get a guy in Cheshire arrested and gagged with a bail order issued by an Aberdeen Sheriff’s court.

    Angiolini’s mired in scandal and controversy regarding her part in the crimes and corruption of the Scottish judicial system and government – and the allegations Rusty and the Prisoners of Conscience group have posted from a wide variety of alternative media news sources are valid and should be broadcast throughout the public arena.

    These are the people who should be prosecuted – not our Truthsayers.

    1 April 2012 14:09

  5. Rob Green knows Rusty’s full name and postal addy – they’re Cheshire neighbours