Anti-paedophilia parliamentary campaign will help Hollie

As most are by now aware, Hollie’s campaign for justice links to other
anti-child abuse campaigns in the UK of which the immediate focus may be
different yet which share the common underlying aim, namely to protect our
children and indeed childhood itself from the paedophile culture infesting
this country.

Of interest therefore is a new campaign being launched in Parliament with the help of the Lords & Commons Family & Child Protection Group against the premature sexualisation of UK children, who at infant/primary school stage are being forced to watch explicit videos containing sexual/pornographic content under the heading of ‘sex and relationships education’ (SRE). On 1st December the campaign’s inaugural meeting was held in a venue adjacent to the Department of Education. It was packed out by people from all over the country, who are united in a common revulsion against what is being shown to children in our schools which is not being divulged to parents. The meeting was shown an extract from one such video which is now compulsory watching for 5-6 year-olds in British schools and all agreed this is blatant mass-grooming.

A keynote speaker at the meeting was Dr Judith Reisman, a personal friend of Anne and Hollie, who has been campaigning for decades against the paedophile culture being disseminated in the USA by the [Alfred] Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender and Reproduction Other speakers included 2 young mums, one of whom is now home-schooling her sons rather than expose them to what they would be made to watch at school.After the meeting a 47,000 strong petition was handed in to the Department for Education and the MP who is going to take the campaign forward in Parliament, Andrea Leadsom, member for South Northamptonshire gave a short speech in which she assured campaigners that she is already getting a LOT of support from her fellow-MPs, many of whom have had complaints from their own constituents. “You are pushing on an open door,” she said.

The link to Hollie’s campaign is only too clear. ‘Grooming’ young children
to accept the attention of paedophiles or getting them interested in
experimenting with each other at inappropriately young ages is not much
different to giving paedophiles ridiculously short sentences or allowing
them continue their revolting activity without any prosecution whatsoever.

Later I told Hollie about the meeting and what is being taught in schools to
small children these days and she said simply “I don’t like it.” We don’t like it either, dear Hollie!

The really good news is that Hollie now has a lot of potential new allies
including MPs, all massing against Paedophilia UK.  It will be very
interesting to see who in Parliament supports this new campaign and who does not. How will Cameron and Clegg react, each of them fathers of several young children, including in Cameron’s case a disabled child (sadly now no longer with him). So far they have totally ignored Hollie. Will they still be able to when she lands right in front of their noses, having been parachuted in via this new campaign?


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