Anyone for cricket?

A reminder that Hollie’s Army or a smallish battalion thereof is due to hit the City of Oxford this Friday (25th May) for a ‘Hollie Greig Awareness Day in Oxford’, to raise awareness of Hollie’s story and the campaign amidst the dreaming spires.

The occasion will be the Varsity 20 Oxford v. Cambridge (or vice versa) annual cricket match which starts at 4 pm but we’ll be doing a little parading around the streets prior to that distributing a leaflet possibly entitled Child Abuse is not Cricket or some such appropriate title and inviting the townspeople & students to find out how Oxford and Aberdeen are connected in relation to Hollie Greig, but if we spell it out to you, Oxonians, we’ll get arrested, so we’re going to let YOU do your own detective work on this one.

Anyone who wishes to participate in what promises to be a very enjoyable campaigning event please assemble in central Oxford at CARFAX interchange where St Aldates Street, High Street and Cornmarket Street meet in front of the Town Hall between 12 and 1pm. We’ll have a short speech there then move off round the streets via Cornmarket Street, then round the Colleges, back up the the High Street, then via St Giles to the University Parks playing field to leaflet the cricket crowd – watching cricket they’ll have a LOT of time to read our leaflet, won’t they?!

Anyone who comes late and wants to know where we’ve got to can phone Belinda on 07770 927734 and it would help to know in advance if you’re thinking of joining us so that we can look out for you.

If anyone would love to join us but can’t afford the train or bus please apply to Hollie’s Army Travel Fund which is being set up for the very purpose of enabling the campaign to travel around over the summer.

4 thoughts on “Anyone for cricket?

  1. I have no idea how many people will be there, but I do know that the thoughts
    and prayers of Hollie’s entire army will be there with them.

    The truth always comes out in the end.

  2. Thanks Joe, so far we’re a very small battalion indeed, 4 strong fighting women! and possibly some blokes from Bristol area (any joy Simon?!) but throughout history the world has been changed less by crowds than by individuals of passion and determination, think Gandhi etc. and think our beloved Hollie herself and her mum and Robert – just 3! but what an effect.

  3. If you ever plan to come to Northern Ireland, I would love to help…I have worked in a community radio station and would be able to spread the word about Hollie! I am a mother of 3 great children and my biggest hate in life are paedeophiles!