BBC Cesspit – Its not just about Savile

This campaign has consistently stated that the BBC’s interest in Hollie’s abuse and Anne had been managed, manipulated and spiked. In the light of the Jimmy Savile revelations of sexual abuse over a 40-year period and the cover-up by the BBC, we would like to point out a few similarities in the cover-up.

Enter Mark Daly in April 2009, at the time an investigations correspondent for BBC Scotland. He first contacted Robert Green within days of the story being published in the News of the World.

At this time various other mainstream media outlets were interested in the story but Daly wanted the BBC to have an exclusive, Anne and Robert were persuaded to agree to this.

They passed a great deal of documentation to Daly and spoke to him regularly on the phone, with hindsight it appears that Daly wanted to close off other avenues of publicity and to ascertain what documentation Anne possessed at that time. To this day this is the documentation their detractors have been using in an attempt to undermine and discredit the validity of that documentation.

Daly told Anne and Robert that Hollie’s story fitted with a pattern of similar abuse against the disabled in Scotland which he was investigating. He indicated that two programmes would be commissioned by BBC Scotland, one for TV and one for radio, with the likelihood of a Panorama documentary to be broadcast nationally.

Note 1: The BBC Newsnight broadcast about Savile that was spiked and is now under investigation was also commissioned by BBC Scotland.

On June 4th 2009, Daly along with two colleagues Kathy Long and Liam MacDougall, visited Anne and Hollie in person and the discussions lasted for more than five hours. They were told that they would return with a camera crew and that the first documentaries would be broadcast in August or September 2009.

Six days later they were informed out of the blue that the BBC had scrapped their plans to produce the programmes. It did not make sense that they could reach this decision after having already expended so much time, money and effort. Robert received a call from Mark Daly, stating that he and his team had been threatened with loosing their jobs and warned off the case, indeed, ordered to drop the case and even ordered not to investigate any other cases of alleged paedophilia in Scotland.

Daly has since attempted to justify the BBC’s decision to pull the plug on Hollie’s story as his own decision.

However on May 31st 2009 the blogger Anna Raccoon wrote: “Exit Mark Daly – but not before he had helpfully asked for and received from Grampian Police, the autopsy report for Roy Grieg (sic).”

Note 2: We have written extensively on Anna Racoon in our disinformation section and we now hold evidence that Anna Raccoon approached Mark Daly via Tom George, also mentioned in the disinformation section.
Note 3: The autopsy report was not released by the Procurator Fiscal to Anne until 31st December 2009, six months AFTER the BBC had stopped production.

Robert Green wrote at the time, “We are extremely alarmed at the possibility that Grampian Police would have issued Daly with Roy Greig’s autopsy report especially as his sister, Anne Greig, was not allowed access to it until 12 years after his death”. Daly also had access to the Grampian Police charge sheet relating to Greg Mackie’s lewd and libidinous behaviour which he discussed with Anne. That document was and still is completely denied to Anne despite repeated FOI requests.

Note 4: Roy’s death in suspicious circumstances was only discussed in passing and there was never any intention that this would be included in any programme.

Those with a duty to protect victims of abuse are instead dismissive of stories such as Hollie’s, protecting the abusers rather than the abused, treating victims with disdain often leaving them to suffer for years, supporting detractors and allowing them to spread disinformation using the same methodology of obfuscation and a disbelief in the stories of anyone who is vulnerable or under various degrees of care, which is now coming to light in the Jimmy Savile investigations.

As more veils are being lifted in the network of abuse covered up within and by the BBC with the assistance and collusion of the Police, light is now beginning to penetrate those dark places. More and more people are finding the courage to come forward with their own stories of abuse.

The message that is coming across from Savile’s victims is that because they are in care, in hospital or in mental instututions they will not be believed. Police collusion ensures that those not in this position when they report such abuse, quickly find that the Mental Health Act is used against them in order to silence their voices, followed by sham investigations and no further action. The multiple attempts to have Anne Greig sectioned is witness to this.

In 2007 Savile was interviewed under caution by police investigating an allegation of indecent assault in the 1970s at the now-closed Duncroft Approved School for Girls near Staines, Surrey, where he was a regular visitor. The Crown Prosecution Service advised that there was insufficient evidence to take any further action and no charges were brought.

The States of Jersey Police said that in 2008 an allegation of an indecent assault by Savile at the Haut de la Garenne home in the 1970s had been investigated, but there had been insufficient evidence to proceed.

Sound familiar? The same bland statement of ‘insufficient evidence to take any further action’ is used consistently in the Hollie Greig case by Grampian Police.

Genuine police officers and detectives who sought the truth in the Marc Dutroux child abuse and murder scandal in Belgium in the 1990s found that refusing to cover up the facts is not a good career move for law enforcement personnel if the truth is leading to rich, famous and powerful people and their networks. So it proved again with the Jersey investigation.

A decent, honest copper was in control of the investigation. This was Lenny Harper, a States of Jersey police detective who led a three-year child abuse inquiry that genuinely tried to expose what happened.

Both sets of genuine investigators were removed from these cases and any credible ‘investigation’ went with them. Lenny Harper, like his counterpart in the Belgian inquiry, was accused of ‘misconduct’ as a blatant excuse to get rid of him – the allegations were later proved false. Harper’s boss, Jersey police chief Graham Power, was also outrageously suspended and neutralised as part of this.

The same modus operandi was seen in Portugal in the Maddie McCann case, with the investigating officer suddenly removed and vilified.

We have no doubt that much of these networks are held together by blackmail, so unless there is the political will, the same will happen with the majority of the ’340 lines of enquiry over Savile’. Good cops will get removed, enquiries will stall and not a single head will roll within the BBC or the care homes, hospitals and institutions where people and children have been violated, which could not have been done without the collusion of managers and staff.

Many of the answers are already available, it just takes the guts to expose them. In July 2006 The Telegraph let the world know that MI5 had vetted BBC staff. According to the Telegraph records show that at one stage it was responsible for vetting 6,300 different BBC posts – almost a third of the total workforce, despite denials by the BBC that this ever took place.

An internal BBC document, dated 1983, confirms: “We supply personal details to the Security Service. If there is any adverse information known, we receive this information and also, where necessary, an assessment based upon the involvement of the individual. This is presented to us as advice; line management then make the decision as to action.”

If the political will is there to uncover the truth, then the MI5 files would be a good place to start.

Lord Patten, the chairman of the BBC Trust, called the allegations against Savile a “cesspit”, and said he wanted to ensure the corporation’s policies were “fit for purpose”. If this is so, then it is up to Patten to empty the pit and shine the light brilliantly on every piece of dirt it throws up.

These investigations must not be limited only to the abuse by Savile, it must also include those who covered it up, it must include those who enable it to happen, and it must now also include the role of Social Services where we see the number of applications by social workers to take children into care soaring to nearly 1,000 a month.

Newspapers report that there are already 340 lines of enquiry surrounding the Savile abuses, but we must ensure that this exposure of Police and Institutional failure does not limit itself to the wrongdoing of Savile alone, so lets broaden this out and bring the other cover-up abuse cases into the same limelight, starting with Hollie Greig.


15 thoughts on “BBC Cesspit – Its not just about Savile

  1. ENQUIRy/JUSTICE/CLOSURE/RESULT,WE CARRY ON FIGHTING FOR HOLLIE,she deserves it ,bloody big cover up job ive ever read ,i am not giving up xxxxx

  2. as a lot of us have been saying for quite a while once critical mass has been reached the whole charade will be exposed for what it is. well I hope and pray that that time is now. a lot of people on facebook and other social media seem to think that this latest exposure of Jimmy SaVile is just a convieniently timed smoke screen to hide the shenanigans going on behind the scene’s. I disagree. I think the exposure of paedophillia in very high places will bring about the end of this evil existence we currently live under. This is a fight that has been going on for decades and possibly centuries and never have we been closer than we are now to full exposure of the evil that controls us. God bless Hollie and all victims and survivors of child abuse. tony x

  3. What’s happened to the Robert Green link at the top of the HDJ Home page? It seems to have vanished!

  4. There is something dark and awful in the corridors of fame and politics and our children are drawn into worshipping at their doors.
    Although exposure is in the public spotlight at present, we have to watch that this Savile dung-heap is not turned into a Problem-Reaction-Solution opportunity for more controls over the decent members of society, making it even more dangerous and difficult to speak out. Or it turns society into a bubble – your – neighbour mentality, yet again letting the real criminals off the hook.
    Every opportunity will be exploited to further the global equalising agenda, they will not give up their debauchery so easily, the have no conscience.

    Keep battling dear Anne and Hollie, we are with you.

  5. hollie and anne need her friends and supporters to stick together, yet HDJ and ROBERT GREEN are going their seperate ways…why?

    • Lloyd,
      I quote from Robert’s blog:
      “Although I no longer represent Anne and Hollie Greig and have not done so for a long time, as they have their own legal team now, as appropriate, I remain committed, as a private citizen with extensive knowledge of Hollie`s case and those related to it, to do everything I can within the correct framework to press for a full inquiry, not only in Hollie`s case, but also in the wider public interest, given the recent horrific exposures of similar cases coming into the spotlight.”

  6. After SKY’s initial glee over the BBC’s squirming over the exposure of Jimmy Savile’s paedophilia career, SKY are now noticeably ‘moving this story on’ in a disgraceful attempt to dampen down the establishment’s fear that the continued ‘frenzy’ by the Public at large will lead to their evil and coveted ‘precious’ from being forcibly removed from them?

  7. The Saville case is just the tip of a VERY large iceberg. We, the public need to know who helped keep his vile acts hidden for 40 + years, ‘they’ are just as guilty!! Other than the BBC, just how many creeps were working with Saville protecting him? Who are the others… Esther Rantzen? What a performance she gave crying in the ITV documentary, she should be nominated for an oscar. Her childline head quarters is in Aberdeen, something in common with Anne and Hollie. Apologies from the BBC are simply inadequate, not acceptable and are a blatant abuse of its position funded by public money.
    The media have constantly worked against Anne, Hollie and Robert Green… why?
    We can see from your excellent article, this includes Mark Daly and the BBC, acting as gatekeepers filtering what should and should not be released into the public domain. Additionally, we have all seen how the paedo protectors in Scotland were desperate to alter public opinion, this caused The Glasgow Herald to attempt a hatchet job on Anne and Hollie Greig’s story. You are so right the BBC’s CESSPIT is not just about Jimmy Saville, it is MUCH MUCH bigger..!!!! Time is running out for the dark figures hiding in the shadows, crofts and corridors of power, the light WILL soon expose you.

  8. SO Auntie BBC is showing her real colours again! How many cover ups and lies are we willing to gloss over while they take our licence money? This Saville cover up has got to be the worst ever. Check out Ben Fellows blog. He was in the thick of the deprevation and attests to the perversion that has infiltated the media and ‘glamour’ industries scene, as well as Parliament. Speaking of infiltrators, it is becoming more obvious by the day now that the vile infiltrators
    to Hollie’s campaign who stole some of Hollie’s sites, must have something to hide too? To lie so obviously and to have twisted so many of the documented facts of Holllie and Anne’s sad experiences, they must have a LOT to lose when her story IS investigated and retribution dished out to all perpetrators. Just how BIG is that pedophile ring that poor Hollie was forced into, and just how MANY of it’s members are working on THAT cover up? Don’t give up Anne and Hollie. Your supporters are here and right behind you. You are two very brave ladies. xx

  9. I agree with the comments regarding Esther Rantzen, I think she is involved in this sordid business much more than people think. It has been muted that she is a senior female mason. Her novel ‘A Secret Life’ involves Establishment child abuse, cover ups, and the murder of the investigating journalist. I wonder where she did her homework for that one……Aberdeen perhaps?

  10. It should be a simple exercise to pinpoint who the pedophiles/pedophile protectors are at the BBC (and at other Savile crime scene institutions) by looking to the list of managers, executives and Directors in place at the time and look to the promotion and appointment of such members over time, as it is a certainty that to keep Savile’s pedophile career secret for such a long time there must have been an organised effort by people with positions of power within the BBC (and the other institutions concerned)?

    Group them together, look at who promoted who into these poistions and ask them all to take a polygraph test to determine who among them are liers and proceed from there……If these individuals have a clear conscience then they will be only too happy to take the lie detector test?