Ben Emlyn-Jones and Internet debate

On Saturday evening Belinda kindly forwarded to us an invitation from a Ben Emlyn-Jones who runs a website called Hospital Porters Against the New World Order. Ben indicates that he is confused and has decided that the only way to clear his confusion is to have an “open, live and public debate” on the intricacies of Hollie Greig’s abuse.

We must apologise to Ben, because the Hollie Demands Justice campaign is not here for the benefit of Ben Emlyn-Jones or anyone else who may simply feel ‘confused’.

The Hollie Demands Justice campaign is about obtaining justice for a Down’s Syndrome Woman who has been abused. That is what our supporters campaign for – Justice for Hollie Greig.

We have reiterated several times in the past that this campaign will not be engaging in any type of internet trial, internet debate nor will we be engaging with internet trolls, shills and disinformation.

We understand what Ben’s offer is about, because it is not the first time we have heard it. It is an invitation to break court orders, it is an invitation to discover what our investigations have uncovered since we exposed their moles. It is about garnering sympathy to turn the alleged abusers into the victims by suggesting that they have been falsely accused, but that is not the call of Ben Emlyn-Jones or anyone else in internet land.

If Ben really has doubts, concerns or confusion, we would ask him to campaign with us for a full judicial review, to have all the evidence presented in a correct and proper manner, in the correct place, a court of law. That way his confusion will turn into focused facts, and if anyone has been falsely accused then they will be adjudged so and their names cleared in the proper way.


3 thoughts on “Ben Emlyn-Jones and Internet debate

  1. Total aggreement ,anyone wants justice for Hollie join us ,been asked before from john gormley to debate with Hoax group ,i returned no thank youu not me ,wont debate on radio or anywhere else im true supporter of Hollie Campaign,100% feel just as strong now as i every did MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL MAY 2013 BRING THE JUSTICE WE ALL WANT FOR HOLLIE xxxx

  2. spot on article, lets have the debate, in the court room where it belongs and let the chips fall where they may,,,,,JUSTICE FOR HOLLIE GREIG is all we ask……

  3. …not forgetting that Justice for Hollie would also be Justice for Sylvia, Wyn and all the rest if they are innocent! We’ve actually already had several months of ‘trial by internet’ and quite frankly it hasn’t done a thing for any of those who feel they’ve been wrongly accused, in fact if anything they have come out of it worse that they went in because of having resorted to lies and defamation which to my mind is very poor tactics if you’re trying win people over into believing in your innocence. So now, because of all the lies HGH have fed into the mix all they’ve done is momentarily ‘confuse’ people which is not the same at all as establishing your own credibility. The only way to do that at this stage is to have a public inquiry with judicial powers and as said, if Sylvia and the rest are innocent they will benefit from that as much as Hollie so why don’t they join us in pressing for that?