Call for a full judicial enquiry into the failures of Grampian Police

The Crown Office have said to Politicians, Hollies army, and Shropshire Council that a thorough investigation was done on Roy Greigs death.

Attached below is the Fire report of that evening, and as you will see from the report Grampian Police spent less than ONE HOUR investigating Roys death, as that is all the firemen gave them as lighting at the scene. This was a very stormy night of wind and rain as the ‘forensics’ were carried out on the car.

What exactly did Grampian Police do in that one-hour? We have been refused this information, they will not tell us. This is what they call a thorough investigation – One HOUR in a raging storm.

We were also refused the photograph that was in the local newspapers, Press and Journal and Evening Express, saying the copyright belongs to the reporter – who worked for the paper. That point we concede, however, where are the official police and fire brigade photographs?

We have also asked for the toxicology report and photographs of Roy Greig’s autopsy and photographs of the vehicle at the scene of the crime, these have also been refused. We have asked for the names of the officers in both Grampian fire brigade and Police who wrote the reports and determined the verdict of suicide. These too have been refused.

In view of the fact a Grampian Fire officer and a Grampian police officer, working in forensics, were both named by Hollie we find these refusals very much in line with a cover up.

I now require answers to the following:

On that night of 17th November 1997, Roy Greig’s body left the scene on route to the Aberdeen hospital at 22:11. The police only had light from the fire brigade for ONE hour. 22.32 the fire incident log states “… the appliance will be in attendance for approximately 1 hour to provide lighting for police investigation unit.”, and the report states that the last appliance returned at 23:46.

1. Does Grampian police constitute less than one hour at the scene in the lashing rain in the middle of a stormy November night sufficient time to determine the cause of death?

2. Why has the full forensics report in this ‘full investigation’ been withheld?

3. What is the name of the Officer who wrote the report and determined Roy Greig committed it was suicide?

4. Why has the haematology/toxicology report of Roy Greig’s blood, confirming he died of carbon Monoxide poisoning been withheld?

5) Why have the photographs of his burnt vehicle been withheld?

6. What was the name of the second person/witness at the scene, who’s name has been withheld? Why ?

7. Did you investigate how Sylvester Cadger was able to see the alleged burning vehicle on a November night with gale force winds and torrential rain from the motorway? We have, it was impossible.

8. Where are the mandatory photographs of Roy Greig’s autopsy?

9. Why was Roy Greig’s coffin closed to his relative Anne Greig who was prevented from viewing?

Do you still categorically claim that you, Grampian police, have fully investigated the death of Roy Greig?

I require that the issues above are addressed and to progress this I will require the relevant authorities to provide full disclosure of the details and evidence.

We would like all the MPs and SMPs who have been written to, to consider the questions above as you have stated to MANY members of the public who have written to you and to other politicians etc that the Hollie Greig case was fully investigated, and that there had been a full investigation into the death of Roy Greig.

So far these representatives of the people seem satisfied that the Crown Office says it has done a full investigation, the truth is it has not. The word and reputation of the Crown Office in the past with the Megrahi, Lockerbie and Dunblaine cases is suspect, likewise now with the investigations of the Hollie Greig abuse and suspected murder of Roy Greig.

Consider that during the case of Robert Green V the Scottish Government it was established under Oath in an open court, on the public record, the alleged named abusers were NEVER interviewed. It is clear that Grampian Police failed in their duty for a second time, as those admissions in court prove that a full investigation by Grampian Police was not carried out, and the word of the Crown Office is again suspect.

We are entitled to disclosure. We are entitled to real, genuine and proper investigations, and we now feel we are entitled to a full judicial enquiry into the failures of Grampian Police.

Can you all write again to Grampian Police and the Fire brigade, asking the questions above. Maybe you will have more success with the authorities in furnishing answers. Please call for a public inquiry.


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8 thoughts on “Call for a full judicial enquiry into the failures of Grampian Police

  1. The more you look at the Hollie Greig case the more disturbing it gets with so called public servants witholding crucial information, blatantly failing to investigate…. then apparently claiming “insufficient evidence” !

    Even if we ignore Hollie’s testimony, as Grampian Police, Aberdeen Procurator Fiscals Office, and the Crown Office clearly do then how can they possibly refute the clear medical evidence?

    Fact:- Hollie had a sexually transmitted infection as a 10 year old – as discovered by the School Doctor

    Fact:- When Anne reported the abuse to Grampian Police they appointed their own Consultant to physically examine Hollie – that Doctor confirmed that she had been abused.

    There never was a proper, thorough, Police investigation and what evidence does exist has been totally ignored by the Scottish authorities.

    Medical evidence from 2 Doctors ignored, not one named abuser interviewed by the Police, an evil gang still free in Scotland – but, hey ho, no need to worry according to the Crown Office…. everything has been investigated. Honest.

  2. It may be helpful to provide some information to support your claims of failure to investigate this by Grampian Police.

    My partner died in very similar circumstances to Roy Greig. This was in another part of the country and a few years ago now but the comparison is interesting. The death (from burning and a vehicle was involved) occurred at c15.40, I was not in the area at the time. I returned at 16.30 to find the place swarming with Fire personnel, Police and more. Whilst there are many inconsistencies and murder is said to have been the cause of death here unofficially, the Police involved treated the death very differently. It was a dark November day and the weather was poor, wet and windy. The Police set up arc lights mid evening and these remained until about 04.00 the morning after. The Police took sometime at the scene, they arrived at about 16.00 from all reports and stayed there throughout the night until about 04.00 the next morning. Tthe forensic unit arrived at about 22.00 and stayed for about 3-4 hours. They returned the next morning. Given there had been a serious fire, the evidence was destroyed, very convenient it seemed.

    There were odd features as with Roy Greig, one person who saw the fire in what appeared to be rather odd circumstances. When I gathered my thoughts, I recalled some strange incidents in the week before the fire, men sitting outside the house and garden in a white van for hours on end and more. The Police did not want to know about this, or other oddities and they didn’t take details from me.

    The Coroner made false statements at the inquest and the verdict was Accidental Death, no way.

    My partner had upset many people in the area. He had been campaigning about Police, paedophiles and Freemasons. This seems to have been a lethal combination in a number of cases I have come across.

  3. Jo,

    Sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees!

    1. The Crime of sexually abusing a child was reported to Grampian Police by Anne.

    2. This was corroborated by the medical evidence of 2 Doctors.
    (One of the Doctors who physically examined Hollie was a specialist selected by Grampian Police)

    3.The Detective Inspector who interviewed Hollie believed her and described her as an innocent victim.

    4. I therefore believe that Grampian Police stopped the investigation as soon as they were confronted with the inconvenient truth of evidence that supported Hollie’s testimony.

    Everything else, apart from the suffering of Anne and Hollie, is mere detail.

    Everything else that is, apart from the truth finally coming out into the open
    and that is now happening, bit by bit, almost everyday thanks to Hollie’s campaign.

  4. You need to understand that being employed in any higher form of government in Scotland is about obtaining excessive remuneration whilst not necessarily being intellectually fit for purpose. Promotion is based upon trust; trust that you will close ranks, that you will not expose your fellow criminals for their incompetence or corruption.

    This case is like any other. In the case of Roy, it was the easiest option just to write the matter off as a suicide especially given the weather. Any police officer would probably know this. When subsequent evidence comes to light that indeed the matter could well have been murder, the easiest option is to stonewall. Every now and again a case like this crops up and those who will not be fobbed off are further ignored or as in the case of Robert taught a sharp lesson.

    I suggest his early release was down to his gaining popularity for the case as well as the higher uppers being able to say that they saw the injustice remedied his case though it is not their jurisdiction to see the wider allegations investigated.

    We have to remember that Lt. Columbo is a fictional character, as are all of Hollywood’s heroes, out to catch the crooks. It is theatre intended to convince us that this is how the world is but the reverse is the case.

    Yes if evidence is easily obtained the low life crims will be brought to justice but if we take the case of former Lord Advocate Lord Peter Fraser, directly responsible for the conduct of the Pan Am Lockerbie investigation and ironically in 2006 he was charged with a breach of Article 78 of the Air Navigation Order 2005, which related to “acting in a disruptive manner” yet such was dropped with the involvement of Elish Angiolini:

    Lord Fraser admitted to having had one large whisky during the wait for departure. He said: “Thank God for honourable political opponents who were on the plane and confirmed that nothing happened.” He also apologised to the Lord Advocate: “I doubted whether she had the independence of character not to make an unjustifiable spectacle of me. Forgive me, Elish, you are a very worthy Lord Advocate.”

    Whether the “one large whisky” was referring to a glass or a bottle is not clear?

  5. We and our planet are leaving the density of the 3rd Dimension and ascending into the 5th Dimension (Age of Aquarius…2012) There are many changes taking place right now that are not being reported by mainstream media (who are controlled by 6 members of the illuminati) The time will come very soon for all to be revealed through our media. At the moment hundreds of bankers and they’re minions are being arrested throughout the world (you can google this) hundreds are stepping down because they know their days are numbered as behind the scenes preperations are well under way to remove them and return to the people a fair economic system where all will be free of the greed that rules this world. Arrests are being made (as we see from our tv) within the media for they too have to go in order for the people of earth to be told the Truth of what is happening in/to our world. Politicians, controlled by the Illuminati, are being weeded out and most have people of peace awaiting, again in the wings. The dark Cabal have to leave this Earth, it is impossible for them to stay as their darkness cannot tolerate the Light that’s being ushered into the planet at this time. It cannot be any other way. 2012 is ushering in a wonderful new era of Peace and Love. The ruling powers have kept from us all the truth about our Space allies who will use their sophisticated technologies to save our planet, google and notice the increase in spacecraft visible around us at this time.
    Hollie and Robert are both playing out their incredibly important part in speeding up this process by throwing Light on the dark powers who rule us and abuse our dear children. I keep hearing these words in my head (and I’m not religious) ‘Suffer little children and come unto Me’
    All will end well when we are rid of the abusers and the future of our planet will be glorious, so please hold that vision in mind and send the dark cabal Light, for they cannot tolerate it.
    In Love & Light, Anne