Campaigners risk their lives as Mental Health Act used as weapon to silence

As Anne and Hollie Greig know all too well, the abuse of the Mental Health Act as a soviet style weapon to silence those who would speak out against child abuse is all too familiar. It was the first response against Anne by the Police and Social Workers when Hollie’s abuse was first reported in Scotland, and was attempted again by Shropshire Council when they fled to England.

It is therefore no surprise that we see the anti Hollie campaign detractors trying again to suggest that Anne’s unquestionable and already proven normal well-being should be brought into question, as we can see the silencing technique repeating itself.

Today, the Scottish Law Reporter released a report showing that statistics show that this problem is not just confined to Scotland, or child abuse campaigns, but is widespread right across the UK.

Campaigners ‘risk their lives’ as high rate of mysterious deaths show UK & Scotland detain people to silence grievances, deny access to justice

ANALYSIS of statistics of deaths in custody over the last decade in Scotland, England & Wales appear to show hundreds of campaigners, including people who had been pursuing genuine grievances against professions, public services including the Police & Local Government, and the justice system, have died in a trending pattern after being detained for lengthy periods of time in mental institutions & prisons.

Insiders who have come forward to the national media claim many of those now deceased, whose deaths have been explained away as either down to natural causes, freak accidents, or self harm & suicide, “were detained on trumped up charges or reasons completely removed from their actual circumstances, to mask the true nature of their predicament”. 

Particularly strong evidence is now coming to light through the sheer scale of deaths in custody and the lack of independent inquiries into such cases that the apparatus of mental welfare detention and prison has been used to thwart campaigners & individuals attempts either to campaign for change in a particular area of law or public life, or to prevent details of what happened to them emerging in the mass media.

Scotland appears to fair no better than England & Wales in the emerging scandal, and unsurprisingly evidence for the real reasons for detention of campaigners north of the border appears to be hard to come by, as documents show in some recorded cases, most mental health ‘professionals’ cases have taken dim views of individuals who have been campaigning on an issue or who have pursued professions & public services in the courts.

In one case under current study, a family member who attempted to pursue a hospital for medical negligence over the death of another family member at a Scottish hospital, was scheduled to be sectioned by the same area health authority for a lengthy spell in custody, simply in order to prevent litigation taking place in the courts and curtail extensive headlines & criticism in the media of the hospital’s actions. The claims against the hospital in this particular case included claims of negligence involving well known surgeons in particular areas of medical practice who are now known to have caused deaths of patients in additional cases in the same hospital.

In the Scottish case, the grieving family member was only saved from what could have been a lengthy incarceration and what has been referred to by a now retired health professional as “almost certain death in custody”, after a high profile newspaper journalist got wind of the story and began making inquiries into the circumstances of the death and criticisms of how the hospital allowed the patient to die.

Recently, another case has come to light in the media, where a leading schizophrenia campaigner died while in hospital in North London in 2010 and the results of an internal inquiry into the death, which, unsurprisingly exonerated the hospital, has not been made public. Similar cases are occurring in Scotland with little publicity so-far …

The Guardian reports :
Campaign calls for open investigations into deaths of mental health patients

The Hollie Demands Justice campaign is just one of hundreds that have been stonewalled by the authorities, but just because people call us mentally ill for trying to uncover the truth will not stop us.

Hollie deserves Justice, and we will continue to campaign because Hollie Demands Justice.

8 thoughts on “Campaigners risk their lives as Mental Health Act used as weapon to silence

  1. I for one am of the belief that the British Police murder people that are in their custody and then cover it up.” Uhh, he fell down the stair sir”. Does that sound famaliar? That comment is not liable as it is only my opinion and what I think but I beleive this goes on. Our media point out abuses that happen in say Syrea. These reports are probably correct but it would seem to me, to be double standards when the BBC and others fail to report on what I believe goes on within our own borders. I think it’s to do with Freemasonry. That’s only my opinion of course.

  2. Perhaps one of the most draconian pieces of legislation introduced by the Blair Government concerned what they called, in true Orwellian language, a “fixated threat”.

    So, if you write to a Politician enough times that they claim to be “alarmed” they can get a Psychiartrist, who has never, ever met you, to declare that you are a “fixated threat” and get you locked up in a secure, psychiartric unit indefinately.
    This from a Government who righteously preached about their ethical foreign policy, while from the shadows they arranged with the US Government to have people kidnapped and tortured.

    Thanks Tony, you really are a straight kind of guy…. I guess it was Jack who did all the sneaky bad stuff which you, conviently have no recollection of….

    What a shame about you being found guilty of war crimes by a Tribunal in the Far East, but as they were mostly Muslims, I guess their “opinion” doesn’t matter, eh?

  3. There was a saying in the old Soviet Russia about the dissidents who went into state institutions and died in them. They were said to have been “suicided”. It is the same here now.

  4. The facts suggest links to Freemasonry in many of these cases. We should also bear in mind the Freemasons have a saying that refers to anyone they sentence to death (yes they do this and in a formal Masonic ritual in the Lodge) they are described as a,”hanged man”, or woman presumably. The tactics used are to get their victim into the criminal justice system, in prison ideally, or in the mental health system, locked up in a secure ward, then make their life unbearable. The saying goes that they “give them enough rope” and they hang themselves.

    The Masons will sometimes send victims pictures of hanged people in the post in order to frighten them.

    I don’t think the word evil is sufficient to describe these actions, or people.

  5. Please, it is not the grass-roots Freemasons who are the problem, it’s those that utilise them for their own ends. The same thing occurs in Jewry, the Mormons, Scientologists etc etc…..they are all useful idiots for the evil ones. Do you really think that these satanic energy sappers would show themselves?
    They can only be tripped up using cunning and guile, softly softly catchy monkey.
    They control all the mainstream media, so Joe Public will never know what is going on.
    Do what I do, keep a low profile, and wait to pounce. That way you will keep off the ‘A’ list……bugger I think I might now be on it…..c’est la vie!

  6. Ah, the Masonic ‘hanged men’ of the Egypyian Tarot.
    Rusty and his Prisoners of Conscience group received several, sent to their personal postal addresses prior to his arrest – which coincided with their exposure of the Scottish Rite and Speculative Society Masonic mafia’s connections to the Dunblane and Aberdeen paedo rings (etcetera, et al) – and all with Edinburgh postmarks.
    Got to be someone in an official / police capacity to access postal addresses via an e-mail / computer IP. That’s how corrupt it all is.

  7. It is interesting to hear that Rusty and his colleagues received the “Hanged man” signs from the sick scum, otherwise known as the Freemasons.

    It is easier than you would think to establish the address and details fo people in the UK. Local authorities sell the Electoral Rolls every year. Then there are sites such as In these days of computer databases, we can assume that very little personal information is private.

    In legal terms, sending this material in the post is a criminal offence. I wonder what attitude those who are supposed to act against such criminals would take about this? No prizes for guessing what would probably be a total failure to act against their Brothers. Publicity is a good weapon, they don’t like exposure of their dark deeds and corruption. Rusty was unlawfully arrested and incarcerated (both of which are in breach of his rights under The Human Rights Act) after he put the facts on his website. Robert Green was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned for handing out election leaflets. They cannot shut us all up though.

    I disagree with John Aspray, the grass rooots Freemasons all know what goes on, irrespective of whether they are participants. They are accomplices to these crimes due to their failures to speak, or act, against their Brothers.