Apr 05

New battle for Britain’s children urgently needed

The Daily Mail paints a depressing and disturbing picture of Britain’s children under continuous and constant attack from ubiquitous predatory paedophiles, a situation only comparable to the whole of Britain itself being under attack by Hitler’s bombers in World War … Continue reading

Mar 30

Another day, another arrest, more coverup by the corrupt elite in Scotland

Another day, another arrest, more coverup by the corrupt elite in Scotland. This from the ‘Rusty’s Skewed News Views in Stasis‘ blog. http://thesatirestall.blogspot.co.uk/ Friday, 30 March 2012 Rusty’s Skewed News Views in Stasis Hello Readers n Followers of this blog … Continue reading

Mar 28

On the occasion of Robert’s birthday, word is definitely out in Aberdeen!

The immediate environs of HMP Aberdeen, Craiginches, with its grim, 10 metre high, granite-block perimeter walls wouldn’t immediately strike anyone as an ideal place to hold a birthday party, particularly right on the corner where Grampian Place meets the busy … Continue reading

Mar 17

Social Services condones fake medical evidence to suit their objectives

Another day, another leading media article hits the headlines over State operated child trafficking. That is where Social Services are on bonus schemes for the removal of children from families and selling them into the adoption market. This is the … Continue reading