Feb 22

I question your impartiality, Sir

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Feb 22

Rewarded for Failure, Dame Elish Angiolini takes up post of Principal at St Hugh’s College, Oxford

Former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini has been made Principal at St Hugh’s College, Oxford.  Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC, (born McPhilomy) who during her term as Lord Advocate presided over criminal trial disasters such as the World’s End murder trial … Continue reading

Feb 15

Robert Green sentencing hearing likely to be conflict of interest

The following document was received today: With this in mind, we cannot see how Sheriff Principle Bowen can preside over the sentencing hearing of Robert Green without accusations of conflict of interest. In his last posting before the hearing on … Continue reading

Feb 12

Scottish justice system seems to have continuing difficulty in dealing with paedophiles

The Scottish Law reporter brings us news of another paedophile conviction: THE Scottish justice system seems to have continuing difficulty in dealing with paedophiles, even the ones who are actually convicted, according to anti abuse campaigners today after it was … Continue reading