Censorship in Oxford

We are advised via our contact us form the following:

So all are aware of what is afoot and how corrupt the Masonic establishment is in covering up scandal and protecting their own, the BAN ELISH ANGIOLINI FOR ST HUGH’S COLLEGE, OXFORD Facebook site established to publicise and pursue the Hollie Grieg and Robert Green scandals (160+ members) has been excised / shut down by the powers that be to succour the demands of Dame Elish Angiolini and incumbent St Hugh’s Principal Andrew Dilnot – with the Facebook site founders – Achmed, Gina and Zac – now blocked from Facebook access with ‘accounts disabled’.

As the X-Files canon goes: The Truth is our there (but they don’t want it advertised)

Feel free to let Facebook and St Hugh’s College, Oxford know what you think about this blatant censorship.

Andrew Dilnot CBE,
St Hughs College,

We wonder whether this particular CBE stands for Censorship before Education.

One thought on “Censorship in Oxford

  1. Hi,i am so disgusted with the way Hollie is being treated by the establishment who all have a Duty of Care to investigate this.I have a family member who was abused by paedophiles,judges, QCs,famous people etc in the 80s,a prosecution was brought against them,some were sentenced to around 3 yrs for it.We are still trying to undo the damage today!Yesterday i cancelled my TV license as i wont pay into a corporation which wont report on these issues which are in the public interest,and i told them why i was cancelling it .If we all did the same they might start to get the message?Good luck to Hollie.Ann and Robert,my thoughts are with you all.