It would appear that we can now add censorship to the list of immoral, corrupt and oft illegal State activities being undertaken to silence Hollie Greig and her campaign to get justice.

We have received several emails, and a fresh report today that users in Germany and Portugal are met with the following notice when trying to access the Hollie Demands Justice campaign website.

“Forbidden – users from your country are not permitted to browse this site”

Does this campaign really frighten the powers that be so much that they must employ the power of internet censorship, powers that are only available to the State.

UPDATE 11/4/12:

After 2 days of airing this censorship publicly it looks as though someone has very sensibly had a word in the ear of someone who pulls the levers. The system stats tell us that visitors from Germany have begun to trickle in, although so far nothing coming in from Portugal.


5 thoughts on “Censorship

  1. Well yes the campaign does scare the so called powers that be .These people have tried every trick in their book to prevent the truth emerging and yet bit by bit the truth is emerging.everyone involved give yourselves a pat on the back.The so called powers that be.Look over your shoulder we are going to expose you for what you are,corrupt and evil.

  2. the monsters are slipping up due to their panic, this censorship is practically an admission of their guilt

    • Actually, we were just about to update this post, as we have noticed that German visitors have begun to trickle through today.