Challenge to the BBC continues

Following the demo for Hollie outside BBC Television Centre London on 16 November a new letter has gone out today to Lord Patten, Chairman of the BBC Trust repeating some of the points made on the street that day.
They had also been made coincidentally by Robert Green in a letter to Lord Patten dated 13 November which he was prompted to write at the suggestion of the Culture and Media Secretary Maria Miller.

Robert not having received so much as an acknowledgement from Lord Patten to his letter it is time to weigh in with the full force of Hollie’s campaign and put pressure on the BBC to come clean. If the BBC wishes to re-coup the moral high ground following the damaging revelations about Jimmy Savile and the cancelling of a certain edition of Newsnight, can they please explain why in 2009 did they suddenly pull the documentary programme on Hollie which was to have gone out on BBC Scotland, Radio Scotland and eventually Panorama and who gave the order to that effect?


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