Court of Appeal – 2nd March 2012 – updated

UPDATE: 17:50 1st March.

Lawyers acting for Anne have just advised the following:

The case is not listed before 12 o’clock, meaning that the case will not start before mid-day due to other cases in the same court before the same judges (or at least one of them).


The appeal in the case of AG and HG is due to be heard before a bench of 3 Lord Justice’s at the Court of Appeal on 2nd March 2012.

The case concerns the orders made by the Court of Protection of the Family Division of the High Court in respect of an application made by Shropshire County Council.

The hearing which is listed for half a day will concentrate on legal submissions and will not be relevant to the issue of abuse or the campaign.

We would invite any supporters wishing to attend the hearing to show restraint and refrain from interjecting or disrupting the hearing which would be detrimental to and undermine the case.

2 thoughts on “Court of Appeal – 2nd March 2012 – updated

  1. You are all in our thoughts and prayers today and always. May Gog bless you and help you get Justice today. May he inspire those charged with administration of Justice to do their duty in honour honesty and with integrity. Its time for this truth to come out and be dealt with accordingly. This attempted cover up of hidious criminality against the vulnerable must stop NOW. We Love you Anne, Hollie and Robert, the corrupt system has let you all down, and many more besides, its time for the light to come in, so these monsters have no place to hide anymore. with Love Yvonne and family. xxx