Did Grampian Police report Hollie’s case to the PF?

On 27th March 2012 Jean James filed a Freedom of Information Act request with Grampian Police, via the public access website What Do They Know.

From: Jean James

27 March 2012

Dear Grampian Police,


Under the Freedom of Information Act provisions, will you please
provide an answer to the following:


As you will see from the article in Firm Magazine from 23 December
2009 (link above), Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, denies that
Grampian Police ever advised her of details of an alleged
paedophile ring said to include a serving Sheriff and now a
deceased police officer.

Grampian Police were involved in an investigation of this case. A
police report was sent to the Procurator Fiscal at that time.

Can you please confirm or deny whether the report submitted to the
Procurator Fiscal contained information regarding allegations of
paedophilia by a sheriff and a police officer?

Yours faithfully,

Jean James

On 30th March an acknowledgement was finally received, and on 25th April 2012 the full response was received.
The request was refused by Grampian Police.

From: McKenzie, Jody

Grampian Police

25 April 2012

Attachment FOI.140.12.Reply.pdf
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Dear Ms James,

Please find attached the response to your Freedom of Information request

If you have questions about the response, please get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Jody McKenzie
Assistant Manager (Freedom of Information)
Information Disclosure Unit
Grampian Police

Police officers swore under oath at Robert Green’s trial that they had not interviewed any of the alleged abusers named by Hollie in her witness statement, including at the time a serving police officer, and each of those alleged abusers swore under oath that they had not been interviewed.

So the question still remains – just what did Grampian Police do to investigate this case?

Did Grampian Police sit on their hands? Have they been covering up this fact ever since to protect one of their own?

Grampian Police may not think this disclosure is in the public interest, but we the public do!

If there is nothing to hide on the part of Grampian Police, then there is nothing to fear.


10 thoughts on “Did Grampian Police report Hollie’s case to the PF?

  1. I have written to my MP, my MSP and Mr. MacAskill, Cabinet Secretary for Justice, about the Hollie Greig, Roy Greig and Robert Green case(s), sent recorded delivery as there was no reply to my earlier letter. To my surprise I received a letter from the Rt. Hon. Frank Mulholland, present Lord Advocate, stating that these cases have been thoroughly investigated both by Grampian Police and the local Procurator Fiscal

    • I received one of those off Dear old Frankie too! What a waste of space!

      • At least they note that we’re asking questions so hopefully not so futile

    • Can we have these letters from Mulholland published as they may be relied upon as evidence?

      Is Mulholland referring to the ‘accused’ cases being investigated thoroughly by Grampian Police & the Procurator Fiscal as so called victims or is he referring to Hollie & Roy’s cases?

      It would be helpful to have this man pinned down to making a definitive statement on this subject, so that the truth be known, after all his record on the truth is flawed, ask any of the experts on the Megrahi Case for proof of that!

      Judy x

  2. Not in the public interest to disclose? BS!
    Why are we given to conspiratorial suspicions when the whole thing stinks of ‘coverup’.

  3. Jean,

    May I suggest that in the interests of Public Safety that you write to the Procurator Fiscals Office in Aberdeen and inform them that Paedophile gang are located in Aberdeenshire.

    Grampian Police may have been “forgotten” to pass that information on.
    The Crown Office in Edinburgh should also be alerted as they believe, apparently, in the vigourous pursuit of such evil “people”.

    Thanks, Joe

    • Joe
      Just checking, were you meaning that comment about writing to Aberdeen PF for me? You said Jean.

  4. Would it be possible for us to get a campaign going to send more requests under the FOI Act to Grampian Police in terms different to those used here? How about appealing against their refusal as surely it IS in the public interest for this information to be supplied? The Police are public servants (well in theory anyway) and are accountable for their actions and decisions.