Downing Street accused of ‘gagging’ victim support groups

John Ward posts the following excellent article today at The Slog.

All Quiet on the Rocks Lane team as more history of blatant cover-up emerges

Recently, a paedophilia victims support group was raided by police, and evidence removed. This morning, Downing Street stands accused of restricting funds to help people sexually abused as children. The plan seems to be to starve the outers of the money they need to blow the whistle on a long-standing and appalling history of cover-up at the highest levels of government.

Just how long this history is becomes apparent when reading accounts like that of former Met cop, Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll. Way back in the nineties, Driscoll was given the task of finding out who the ­paedophiles were preying on kids in Lambeth Council childrens’ homes.

However, his superiors quickly decided they didn’t like the names he came up with. He was summarily removed from the case and put on disciplinary charges. His crime was revealing the names of ­politicians among the suspects. And at least one of those was rather too close to the police for comfort.

Disturbed that Clive had been sidelined, former Labour councillor Anna Tapsell got a less than friendly visit from senior Plod warning her not to make any complaints, after she raised concerns that detectives would turn a blind eye to allegations of ­paedophile activity in care homes.

Clive Driscoll had an unblemished career in the Met going back twenty-five years or more, but he had a regulation 15 disciplinary notice dumped on his head after naming several politicians in a ‘confidential’ council ­officials meeting in 1999.

And that was the end of that. The Home Secretary at the time was Jack Straw.

If nobody prosecutes, these deadly perverts escape unscathed. If nobody checks, they carry on as normal: last week a convicted paedophile called John Wills from Stowmarket in Suffolk was found in north Durham….operating as a scout leader for the 1st Chopwell scout group. No doubt he got the job using ‘recommendations’ from the Odessa-style network of powerful paedophiles who erase records, lose documents, destroy evidence, and blackmail fellow politicians.

This is how a civilisation sinks into the slime.

But those old, carefully buried files keep on being reopened. The Exaro team notes that police have restarted their investigation into disgraceful (and overwhelming) allegations of sexual abuse of the children unlucky enough to have been housed at the Kincora boys’ home in East Belfast in Northern Ireland.

There are now thirty major police teams investigating abuse allegations within the UK care home, teaching, and local government professions. Sadly, ‘investigate’ is all the Plods ever seem to do. We must all keep up the pressure….and perhaps start by asking why Victim Support Grants are to be cut, while a bunch of plonkers like the British Council go from strength to strength.


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