Dunblane (2)

Dunblane is the code-name of the ARREST ANGIOLINI campaign, launched yesterday in her home-town of Dunblane by Robert Green and the writer of this blog. A pretty town, with friendly, normal people, as we have experienced everywhere in Scotland, very much including Stonehaven. Yet a shadow hangs permanently over Dunblane, symbolically caught by the dark clouds in the sky in our photograph yesterday.

We drove past the school, Queen Victoria School, from which Thomas Hamilton recruited children to take on his ‘camps’.  I couldn’t face the Primary School, but I am sure it has long since returned to being a happy place. Children in their natural state are the best antidote to the evil in this world and the evil-doers know that, which is why children are preyed on, particularly Down’s Syndrome children, in their natural state the most joyous and loving of all children! As Anne will confirm, to have a Down’s child feels like a blessing from heaven, rather than any kind of ‘problem’.

The Sheriff declared in his final summation on Tuesday that he is taking this case “very seriously” which we interpret as a warning to Robert not to continue campaigning for Hollie between now and 17th February, or his possibly custodial sentence will be brought forward.

On the face of it, the ARREST ANGIOLINI campaign has nothing to do with securing justice for Hollie, any more than did the proceedings in Sheriff Principal Bowen’s court this past 2 weeks at Stonehaven, in which none of the evidence supporting Hollie’s claims was critically examined, and yet a lot of it did come out, and is now on the public record which greatly pleases Robert.

The issue last week was Did Robert Upset People in Scotland? And the answer was a resounding YES!

And the issue this week is Did Elish Misappropriate Public Funds? Again, the answer looks likely to be a very loud YES!

Today Central Police Scotland (the equivalent of the Met in England, presumably) contacted Robert and said Lothian & Borders Police are still considering whether or not to allocate a crime number to his complaint and that they will let him know.

The young constable who received us yesterday at Dunblane police station did his job perfectly, to the extent of confirming that no individual is ‘above the law’ in Scotland, which was reassuring to be told, and recorded Robert’s statement regarding Angiolini’s alleged crime as if recording details of a car-theft!

If everyone in public service, particularly security did their job according to their code of office and the ever-evolving law, which does not prima facie serve those who seek to abuse it and remains open to challenge, there might still be the possibility of true justice in 21st century.

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  1. Note to Diary:

    Day trip to senic Stonehaven: Friday 17 February 2012.