Dunblane (4)

Robert reports that the file on Elish Angiolini opened at Dunblane on 25th January, having been passed up to Lothian & Borders Police, then across to Central Police where it was allocated Crime Reference Number CS-20120125-0112 by Sergeant Hogg, then back to Lothian & Borders has finally touched down again in Dunblane, where it is being handled by the CID, as Robert was informed yesterday.

Don’t ask me to explain the mysteries of this trajectory – as usual I call upon anyone in Scotland to help us out here. Are we getting anywhere? Well CID sounds promising, doesn’t it.

One thought on “Dunblane (4)

  1. There should be available for public viewing a document as prescribed by ACPOS – The Scottish Crime Reporting Standards. Extract from Grampian Police document states

    7.1. Once recorded, a crime will remain recorded as such unless:
    • If following the creation of a Crime Record subsequent investigation proves that no crime occurred, the Crime Record should be considered for reclassification to ‘No Crime’, with the full reasons for the change in status being detailed in the Crime Record;
    • Investigation has established that the crime occurred outwith the Force jurisdiction;
    • Duplicate or multiple Crime Records have been

    As the ‘crime’ may well have occurred in Edinburgh via COPFS, I am at a loss as to why E&L Police passed this back to Dunblane CID, it may be prudent to ask Dunblane for a copy of the standard by which they work, it should meet ACPOS standard