Events – Last Week and The Future

As Anne and Hollie Greig begin their preparations for the first of a series of legal actions, those who over the years have been accused of abuse, fraud, corruption, malfeasance and abuse of public office are beginning to show their hand in an attempt to delay the inevitable.

This site has had several attempts at having it taken down and removed from the internet over the past week, but as you can see we are still sending our message for justice out to the world, a world that is still showing its huge and unwavering support for this campaign, for which we thank them.

The first attempt was by John Gormley, a person totally unrelated to this case.

The second attempt was wrapped in the use of latin phrases intended to intimidate, but again was initiated by someone who has nothing to do with this case. Jonathan Stevenson (Affiant) On behalf of:- Wyn Dragon-Smith, Sylvia Major, Denis Mackie, Richard Dragon, Paul Dragon, Jennifer Maitland.

Anne Greig has repeatedly invited all those named on Stevenson’s ‘on behalf of’ list above to take this matter to court and to sue for either defamation or libel, all have declined.

They really should stop trying to hassle internet data centres, we promised you The Price of Justice is Eternal Publicity, we meant it. Sooner, rather than later we will get this matter into a court of law where ALL the evidence that our team of investigators have unearthed can be presented in its proper context.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Legal Fund in support of this campaign should use the donate button in the section to the right. Every donation is gratefully received no matter how small. Thank You.


4 thoughts on “Events – Last Week and The Future

  1. Congratulations – an open court face-off at long last.
    All the more power to Anne and Hollie in their endeavour to achieve justice
    against all the odds stacked against them by our criminally-conspiratorial
    political and judicial systems – all assisted by a compliant police force and
    Common Purpose NLP brainwashed social services.