FoI regarding finances at Shropshire Council

Dear Shropshire Council,

I am making this Freedom of Information request to you on very specific points, related to public finances and man-hours only.  I understand Robert Green has made a similar request in the past to your Council but failed to get an appropriate reply.  Likewise, I also caught the Council lying to me in a previous, directly related, FoI request.  I trust that these issues are now behind us and that this will not happen again.

My request is laid out below in the form of three questions…

How much public money was spent by Shropshire Council in respect of the illegal raid the Council instigated and assisted in on the home of Anne & Hollie Greig on 3rd June 2010?  This question relates only to the day of the raid itself.

How much public money, since the raid to-date, has been spent via public servant man-hours and other administrative duties & operations, as a result of the raid?  This question requires an ‘up-to-date’ figure, which we know and accept is ongoing.
How much public money has been spent so far in relation to the Council’s legal action through the Courts to take Hollie into care and away from her mother, Anne?  This question relates to the Council’s entire time addressing this specific point, including man-hours and other financially accountable operations.
As always, I am prepared to follow this request through to the bitter end if I do not receive an appropriate answer.  However, again, as always, I do hope that the benefit of the doubt will be enough for the Council to answer these questions accurately and within the 20 consecutive days allowed for such a response.

As always, in matters related to the ongoing persecution of Anne & Hollie Greig, this FoI request has been made public knowledge, as will all responses to it also be.

Yours sincerely,

Ian McFerran

One thought on “FoI regarding finances at Shropshire Council

  1. The total costs met from the public purse in all the unlawful acts must run in to many millions of pounds. When you think about the vendetta against Robert Green instigated in Scotland and carried out in Cheshire as well. Then there are all the unlawful acts against Hollie and Ann Grieg in Scotland and Shropshire.

    How on earth can these costs be justified? Why can protecting the interests of criminals be allowed to be funded in this way?

    This is supposed to be an age of austerity, do said public authorities kinow this? Can they be allowed to use public monies without restraint, or any external approval?
    Still silence from the mainstream media.