For the avoidance of doubt

In light of some incorrect speculation elsewhere, Anne Greig has asked me to make a brief statement with regard to the status of this website.

There had been a decision taken some time ago by Anne Greig to engage a number of professional bodies to assist and advise her in the operational running of the Hollie Demands Justice Campaign, this website being just one element of that campaign.

I am therefore pleased to tell you that this website is now under the professional site management of PDPS Internet Prime, (we have been providing the hosting services to the HDJ campaign since November 2011), which now allows Anne and her legal team the time to concentrate on her legal battles and campaign strategies without having to worry about the site.

We have also been asked to provide Webmaster and Administration services under our Private Client Hosting package, working to a strict criteria laid down by the Campaign team which we were delighted to undertake.

This service also provides:
24 hour site security monitoring.
Website Data backup and recovery.
Site mirroring on 4 continents and other security features.
Provision of daily and weekly statistical data.
Provision of daily and weekly access logs.
Provision of daily and weekly violation logs.
Provision of daily and weekly remedial reports.

For the first time Anne Greig now has a complete picture of all activity on her campaign website, providing her with better decision making data. Over the coming months you will see a number of new authors who are going to be giving their time to assist in the production of news reports and new website material, and the site will also be expanding its range of reporting, utilising new ‘in the field’ technology to bring you information about Hollie and the campaign as quickly as possible.

The Hollie Demands Justice campaign have also opted to engage our Internet Footprint Tracking services. This provides for the tracking and tracing of site violators and some of the more vitriolic commenter’s and detractors. The IFT service has also been extended temporarily to the Robert Green blogspot as an assistance measure.

The bulk of the IFT service is undertaken by the close examination and analysis of server, routing and network logs, complimented by other commercially available investigative tools, remaining completely within the margins and framework of UK law. The IFT service uses analysts based in the US.

This campaign has suffered badly in the past with distractions, lies, misinformation and worse. Now there will be detailed reports provided to the campaign team as and when required that may result in site blocking for some violations, abuse reports to ISP’s and the authorities and/or legal action for the more persistent or extreme cases.

Full editorial control as always remains with the HDJ Campaign. The full site moderation policy will be enforced vigorously at all times as per our instructions.

The objective of all the measures and policies now in place is to ensure a stable web environment for the campaign team to work within, whilst offering supporters a focused fact based campaign site without the distraction and hyperbole found elsewhere.

If you have any queries as to the operation of this site, we can be contacted directly by selecting Webmaster on the Contact Us page link in the top toolbar, as can other members of the campaign team.

Thank You
Ian Parker-Joseph

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