Free Robert Green website launched

The official Free Robert Green website has now been launched and can be viewed at

It is still in the process of collating the mass of information that has arrived on our desks, and will begin more presentational works as we are able to put them up.

Meanwhile, we are looking for authors for this site and coordinators to work with the disparate groups around the country so that we can present a single coherent campaign.

Getting Robert freed from his unjust incarceration is our primary objective.

One thought on “Free Robert Green website launched

  1. let us pray, god give strengh to robert in his hour of need, pray for is sanity, saftey and god willing this nightmare will come to a abrubt end. amen NOW, LETS ALL GET THESE UNTOUCHABLES BROUGHT TO JUSTICE, FOR HOLLIE AND EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO AS BEEN HUMMILIATED AT THE HANDS OF THESE EVIL, SICK, INHUMAN SCUMBAGS.