GCHQ – a tale of leaking, impersonation and manipulation

This site has long claimed that it has been the target of infiltrators, disrupter’s and agitators. We have discovered and exposed several in the past few years, as well as having suffered electronic attacks by GCHQ, the MOD, the Police and a range of other government departments.

At long last we now have the proof, courtesy of the Guardian who have released one of the many documents made available to it by Edward Snowden, in which it gives details of the 2010-2013 GCHQ programme, which is now operational.

GCHQ have put together plan to infiltrate social media and blogs. As the slideshow below shows, sophisticated plans have be drawn up for online disruption. Tactics include online honey-trapping, leaking, impersonation and manipulation.


No doubt many campaigns, including HDJ have been used as testing grounds for those staff during the training programme. It is one of the reasons why this site no longer publishes documentary material, it is also why we no longer accept comments without moderation.

Some words used in the document above with some further explanations..




One of the prime tools in the disinformation kit is to smear whistleblowers and complainants as being mentally unstable, a myth that has often been used to attempt to smear Anne Greig with, with the latest attempt to smear Anne Greig as having a history of mental illness being made in a court in Scotland by Elish Angiolini, the former Procurator Fiscal. You may recall from earlier documents on this site that Anne Greig was assessed at Cornhill Hospital over a 3 day period in 2000, and then immediately released as they could find nothing wrong with her.

Claims of mental health problems was one of the most insidious tools used on a mass scale by Russia and its former Eastern European Satelite States which made up the former USSR. Criticise the state, your mad, vanished to a mental institution, point the finger at corrupt officials, your mad, vanished to a mental institution, and in the One Party Police State that Scotland has become it is now an all too familiar story as well.

Please read and understand the full extent of the GCHQ programme, because for little or no reason at all, you may be its next target.

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