A confabulation for the ‘silly season’/Belinda’s response to Sylvia & Wyn

People have been asking why I am not reacting to all the distorted and defamatory stuff which has been flying around about me on weblogs and Facebook over several months, and most recently the Freedom Central Radio broadcast of 22 July which featured a group of people calling themselves the ‘Hollie Greig Hoax team’ or ‘collective’.

Is any of this stuff true? If not, shouldn’t I be rebutting it?

Thanks all for your concern, but since getting into a tussle on Robert’s blog with certain authors of these smears earlier in the year I’ve since realised what a futile and non-productive waste of time it is trying to argue with people not remotely interested in the truth so I don’t do that any more and simply ignore them. If push comes to shove and I have to defend my integrity all that will be needed will be my bank accounts going back a couple of decades. There’ll be no need even to call on any of the many people I’ve helped in a crisis these past years or who’ve enjoyed free hospitality under my roof.

Yes, just follow the dollar, folks. What people do with their money, however much or little they’ve got to play with is the best indicator of their motivations. I was reminded of this when I first had sight of that £7,500 bill sent to Robert Green from Simpson & Marwick on behalf of  Sheriff Graeme Buchanan, itemising all the expenses he had incurred in trying to protect his reputation. The Sheriff’s every nervous twitch is laid bare!

So I’m not bothered in the slightest by Mel Ve’s broadcast a few weeks back, in fact when I heard it I was jubilant! It’s given HDJ so much we can use, apart from which it makes HGH look ridiculous. Oo-er, McKenzie’s tutor at Oxford wrote a book about SPIES! And ex-M15 whistleblowers Shayler & Machon lived with her! They might still be working for M15! So McKenzie probably is too! Oooo!!!

In the eyes of Sylvia and Wyn do my secret M15 connections explain why I’ve got away with robbing millions from charities and colluding with Iranian terrorists all these years?! Perhaps the ladies could pray tell us why they take such a dim view of the security services supposedly guarding the nation?!

So sorry Sylvia, if you want to find out the story of me and Iran Aid you’ll have to wait for the history books or, better idea, go and ask the Iranian Ayatollahs who wanted Iran Aid closed down as part of a deal with the Blair government. Actually if you breathe my name Tehran-wards (and that of my husband, ‘Latex Lil’ knows who he is, don’t you, Latex, BTW great name, anything to do with condoms?) you may well get an invitation out there – if so, GO! The Iranians are wonderful hosts and make sure you take along your best corsets, they’ll really be wowed by your flashing one of those from under your chador (chuddah). You can puff away to your heart’s content out there including on a hookah and don’t worry if you don’t get a drink beyond cherry juice because there’ll be so much else to enjoy, for example, a few grams of opium costs no more than a bag of sugar on the streets of Tehran! And these Islamic fundamentalist types are enthusiastic paedophiles! In fact they’ve made it legal; there are around a million child brides in Iran and we’re talking about 8, 9 & 10 year-olds here, not just teenagers, pre-pubescent girls hanging onto the hands of husbands nearly three times their size, their solemn little faces framed by the regulatory white veil for primary schoolchildren.

Back to the UK and our own problems with state-sponsored paedophilia.

With people calling each other names and smearing each other, the first thing to establish is who’s telling the truth and who’s lying?  I have to say that straightaway HGH are on rocky ground in basing their whole argument against Hollie’s allegations on one Major Lie, namely that Hollie was never abused. They said this in in their June video and have repeated it in the FCR July broadcast.

Now, it is on the medical and police record, not to mention the matter of the CICA award, that Hollie absolutely WAS sexually abused, indeed violently sexually abused and that this went back years into her childhood. Hollie could be taken into a cubicle of any hospital of the land and the physical evidence of violent abuse would still be there on her body, while her medical records likewise testify to the sexual abuse she suffered during her childhood.

So to claim Hollie was never abused is very stupid because it discredits everything else Sylvia and Wyn have been saying. They seem to be trying to wriggle out of their mistake and are now talking about a “boyfriend” or “boyfriends” having abused Hollie. OK, so who are these “boyfriends” who violently and repeatedly raped poor Hollie and gave her an STD at age 10? Shouldn’t you be trying to find these“boyfriends” then, or battering away at Grampian police to do so?

Another ‘Major Lie’ is that those whom Hollie claims abused her have been investigated. NO, Sylvia! All those who took the witness-stand at Stonehaven in January 2012 including yourself confirmed that you were never questioned by the police until January 2010, and then only as to your reactions to being named in Robert’s publicity. Were you alarmed and distressed at being accused of involvement in paedophilia? Of course you were! End of inquiry, for the purposes of summary justice at Stonehaven which was simply and purely to establish if Robert had upset people/caused a breach of the peace – yes, of course he had!

Then there’s the lie that you didn’t sit behind Hollie in the court on 2 March when everyone saw you there, plain as plain. We have 20 witnesses! You see as participants in the court case Anne & Hollie had no choice in their seating arrangements, as Major would have known having sat through the preceding case.

And again, you’ve tried to pass off your late husband Terry as a kind of irrelevant nobody but according to his obituary in July 2005 (RIP) Terry Major was Chief Fingerprint Officer with Grampian Police, a very significant role, especially when it comes to deciding which crimes are to be investigated and which not. 

As for the rest of HGH, apart from turncoat Sarah McLeod they are  mostly what I call ‘Shadow People’ = shadowy, unidentified individuals using false names. They appear to be responsible for much of what passes as the ‘research’ on key supporters of Hollie such as myself. These people have suddenly appeared on the scene claiming to have found out all kinds of incriminating information yet have given no explanation as to their credentials, where they’ve come from, what they’ve been doing up till now, etc. Why should anyone believe a single thing these shadowy people are claiming to know about us?

Yes, it would be a case of having to believe ie. take on trust what our Major Liar and the Shadow People claim because it is virtually 100% hearsay. I struggled to find a single, solid fact to rebut in the stuff about me, except no, I never was a trustee of Iran Aid and no, my husband did not refuse to bring his son out of Iraq, in fact we spent 6000 euros over 18 months on lawyers struggling to get the French government to accept him before the Swedish government finally did.

Actually, it smacks of desperation if HGH’s only ploy to divert attention from themselves is to try to smear people in HDJ. In contrast, we in HDJ have by now amassed a heap of hard evidence concerning Hollie’s alleged abusers from a range of sources including from witnesses and associates as well as from police, local authority and court records either already in the public domain or obtained under FOI. We’re keeping all this well up our sleeve for the moment but will of course be presenting it in the context of a police or public inquiry or failing that private legal proceedings.

One last word about the Mackies – just an ordinary family? Several on Hollie’s list including Sylvia Major are members of her extended family on her father Denis Mackie’s side. The Mackies have links to known paedophiles and murderers. You really have to ask yourself, is this just an ordinary family as they have been trying to make out? And why are the Scottish authorities seemingly bending over backwards to protect this particular family and paying people like Levy & McRae, Johnnie & McLeod & the Shadow People to shield them?  Why didn’t Grampian police investigate the Mackies straightaway in May 2000 when they ascertained that Hollie had been many times raped, at which point she had named only her father Denis Mackie and brother Greg? Who was in charge of investigations at the time?

12 years on, these are the questions that need answering, not even whether Anne Greig is mad or whether McKenzie has been plundering campaign funds. What was really going on in May 2000 between Grampian police and the Mackie family, indeed has been going on ever since? Is this why Grampian police raided both Robert’s and Anne & Hollie’s homes?

Police failure to investigate crime coupled with police commission of crime is about the most serious issue for any society to have to address in a peacetime context. It is the cancer within that society which if unchecked will finally destroy it. Grampian police’s highly irregular activity or inactivity over 12 years overrides even the fraught issue of who did or didn’t rape Hollie. Those who complain of having had their lives ruined should be pointing the finger not at each other but at the police who should have investigated Hollie’s main abuser, her father yet spectacularly failed to do so. On both sides of the HDJ/HGH divide we should be pressing Grampian to explain themselves and fast, before Chief Constable Colin McKerracher gets the top job in a centralised Scottish police force. God help Scotland and especially Scottish children if ever that is allowed to happen.

In the meantime, stop bandying lies about on the Internet concerning people peripheral to the case, Sylvia and Wyn and your shadowy friends. It may conveniently muddy the waters for any who need them muddied but it is not getting you or your families or anyone else at the brunt of this monstrous collective injustice, including Hollie herself, any closer to being exonerated, which is what you want, isn’t it?

In this Olympic 2nd week here’s a good slogan for all of us: “Go for Gold – Go for Grampian!”


9 thoughts on ““GO FOR GRAMPIAN!”

  1. great response belinda, not sure hgh will let a few facts get in the way of their little fairy tale though, definately over the target for sure…..

  2. With Hollie’s case I see 2 types of evidence – both of which are equally clear and irrefutable:-

    1) The medical evidence of several Doctors; and, just as important,
    2) Clear evidence of Grampian Police, The Procurator Fiscal and the Crown Office doing everything they can to block any investigation of the case – while at the same time LYING to both the public and MPs that the case has been thoroughly investigated.

    Why would they do that? Who are they protecting?

  3. Belinda ,you have nothing to explain ,your an honest person,and some people cant stop them selves lying ,me ,its now water off a ducks backside with “the dark side lot”they will soon start lying to each other ,ignore now is my policy ,dont like me dont give tuppence ,we here for Hollie Greig,end off ,never give up Belinda you are a lovely ,compassionate lady ,maybe they jealouse of something they aint got COMPASSION FOR HOLLIE love speak soon xxx brenda

  4. Well said Belinda! As I am sure you know by now, these bastions of the community have taken down my “Support for Hollie Greig and Robert Green” group on Facebook. Pyrite has boasted on forums that he personally was responsible. Pyrite being thick as proverbial SH*te he would off had to employ a hacker for said job…not cheap I would imagine….where did he get the money for that I wonder?
    I wonder also is he aware that his actions are “an internet crime”! Nice of him to admit it so openly and afford us screen shots!
    Sandra Barr

  5. Great article, Belinda – tell it like it is. Thanks on behalf of many for everything you and yours do, compassionate truthseekers helping so many people over the decades – stuff that can’t be counted; very important stuff nonetheless.

    “To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”

    And if anyone on this planet is honest, it’s Belinda M. Thanks again.

  6. endless words have been written to further stall any investigation all inquiry stops at the masonic lodge on high st in Aberdeen a list of their members would reveal prominent activists in the cover up
    print my full name as I do not hide

    • I would love to pose opposition to this lodge. Lets get a movement going and i know i would definitely be up for it