Going home on 17th May

Several people have kindly offered to drive Robert back home to Cheshire on 17th May and he very much appreciates these offers and would of course prefer to chat to one or two of us on the way home in the comfort of a car.

Unfortunately however he has to be back to a deadline in order to receive his electronic tag or ‘Home Detention Curfew’ – they don’t want any brawls in the local pub, do they. If he was in a car and that broke down it’s unlikely that such a situation would be looked on with much sympathy, given that he has already been issued with his train-ticket, he might even be re-arrested!

But as long as he catches the designated train there’ll be no problem if there’s a cow on the line as he puts it, that won’t be his fault.

For the reason of the deadline the other end he will in all likelihood be released in time to catch the 8.52 not the 9.52, so we need to be there bright and early too if we’re intending to give him a rousing send-off. Partying on the night of 16th had better not go on too late, therefore!

5 thoughts on “Going home on 17th May

  1. Let’s hope it’s not the wrong sort of cow on the line, going by the name of Elish.

  2. will robert remain tagged until his sentence is over which will be february next year?.. i hope not

  3. hahaha cow on line: Elish? hahaha so funny John!! Its disgusting how people in authority think they have the right to enforce justice on everyone EXCEPT THEMSELVES!!! Sherrif Buchanan handing out sentences to others when it is plausible that he could be a paedophile, WTF? But its not the first case of authorities thinking theyre above the law and im certain it will not be the last!!
    Look at all the murders police have been responsible for against INNOCENT people, yet NOT ONE has EVER been reprimanded!!! I dont know whats worse: what was done to Hollie or the fact that is allegedly a sherrif who caused her suffering!!

  4. Was Robert given a reason for his early release, and does he know who authorised it?

    The ‘cow on the line’ will likely be an Aberdeen Angus.

  5. i can think of a few cows on the line ,and some bulls ,i honestly will try to make it up there but i feel maybe its time 4 his family ,and his closest friends ,i hope when he gets home we all get back on track for HOLLIE GREIG,onwards and upwards good luck Robert letter in post with 2 badges HOLLIE GREIG ONE, GOD BLESS VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS AND ROBERT YOU ARE A DIAMOND GEEZER london term xxxx love mumsy