Grampian Police Obfuscates FOI Again

FOI – Hollie Greig story – a case of Fraud, Breach of Public Duty Malfeasance and Nonfeasance

From: Alex Alexander

9 May 2012

Dear Grampian Police,


You have stated to MANY members of the public and politicians etc
that the Hollie Greig case was fully investigated. Please provide
the following:

1) Please provide copies of All statements taken by Grampian police
of the accused by Hollie Greig

2) Please give dates and times the alleged perpetrators were

3) Why did you not search Denis Mackie’s home when he was arrested?
This allowed him to remove all the mattresses from the family home.
This is called spoliation of evidence.

4) Hollie Greig received criminal injuries on the grounds of
probability that her father was the main perpetrator. You failed by
your lack of pursuance of the case to get corroboration from the
Mackie’s home! Why was this?

5) Why was Denis Mackie’s computer not seized? Grampian Police
travelled 700 mile to England, to seize Robert Green’s computer and
privileged client files. Who instructed you to do this?

Green is a man accused of breach of the peace for trying to expose
your incompetence and not accused of paedophilia.

6) Who alerted the Grampian Police to arrest Robert Green?

7) Where is the evidence that Robert Green breached the interdict?

8.  Why did the Sergeant Innes Walker find no connection between the
alleged perpetrators, when in fact they are either related to one
an other or friends with one another?

9) Grampian Police Officer, Terry Major (head of forensics at the
time) was allegedly accused of being one of Hollie’s abusers. Was
this officer officially interviewed and did he give a statement? If
not why not? This was It has since come to light he hid evidence in
the Shirley McKie case.

10) Greig Mackie was arrested for lewd and libidenous in a public
place in Aberdeen. Can you explain why it took TWO YEARS for
Grampain Police to interview him after Hollie reported her abuse?

It is reported you only interviewed Greg Mackie after his mother,
Anne Greig, complained about the lack of police investigation. It
seems highly suspicious and incompetent of Grampian Police not view
this matter to be very serious when a Down syndrome girl had made a
report of multiple rape naming her brother Greig Mackie as a
perpetrator. This is a disgrace and a wilful breach of trust,

Do you still categorically claim Grampian police have fully
investigated the Hollie Greig case?

I require you to address the issues herein and to progress this I
will require you to provide full disclosure of the details and

The above is written in the public interest and demands answers in
the public interest.

Please place this document on the Public Record and ensure that I
receive a certified copy by return.

All senders’ rights are reserved and none Assumpsit,

All respondents affirm to the best of their knowledge full
disclosure is provided with motives logically identified.

All respondents affirm that any statements declared are honest and
wilfully contain no non sequiturs.

All respondents affirm full disclosure is provided and no wilful
attempt is made to make false or fraudulent declarations.

All respondents affirm to the best of their knowledge under penalty
of perjury they have written the truth, the whole truth and nothing
but the truth so help you God.

Respondents accept this oath under the Statutory Declarations Act

I require a response from you in 20 days.

Yours faithfully

Alex Alexander

 It took Grampian police the full time period to respond to the above FOI please here

 From: Alex Alexander

 9 June 2012
Dear Grampian Police,


Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of
Information reviews.

 I am writing to request an internal review of Grampian Police’s
handling of my FOI request ‘Hollie Greig story – a case of Fraud,
Breach of Public Duty, Malfeasance and Nonfeasance’.

 [Grampian Police, are public servants, you have failed in your
public duty to answer my FOI request. I write once again, holding
you to your oaths of office and demand a response under the penalty
of perjury. This request is in the public interest and demands to
be placed on the Public Record. I demand you respond within the
require time.]


A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is
available on the Internet at this address:

 Yours faithfully,

 Alex Alexander


One thought on “Grampian Police Obfuscates FOI Again

  1. It is totally obvious that there was NO POLICE INVESTIGATION worthy of the name carried out by Grampian Police.

    Anyone claiming so in a Court of law would be guilty of Perjury and would not last 2 minutes under cross examination.