Help Change the Scottish Sectioning Law

Please support the Duchess of Hamilton in her attempts to help Joe Bloggs by changing the present archaic Scottish Sectioning law, having lost her own husband, the Duke, in 2010 shortly after his unlawful sectioning.

This is a big opportunity for us (the People) collectively to change the present Scottish Mental Health Act

Lady Hamilton has asked for all our help to change the law in Scotland.

You may wish to sign the petition and add your comments using the following link, or type PE01494 into Google, sign and leave comments.

We have set up a group called Psychiatric Rights Scotland to campaign for human rights in mental health in Scotland

Many people in Scotland have been brutalised and detained under this BARBARIC Act. Anne Greig was one such person.

Here are the stories of 4 other people with experiences of being sectioned under the Scottish regime


3 thoughts on “Help Change the Scottish Sectioning Law

  1. Lady Hamilton is so right. How is it possible that of all those who attended the Duke’s funeral and sent condolences, no-one was able or willing to help them in their hour of need? Do the Scottish members of the Queen’s privy council have nothing to say, or are they actually ensconced there for other reasons? Something smells really bad about the Scottish Judicial system, but it does not smell much better in England or Wales now either.

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  3. Lady Heywood does support Lady Hamilton in her attempts to change the Law in favour of the people and the rights of the indvividual to have fair judgement. Psychiatry should not have autonomy given that Psychiatry is NOT a proven science but is merely conjecture and opinion.