Holiday Break

As the planning for court actions enter the final stages before we begin to mount what is going to be a strenuous and emotive time for both Hollie and Anne, they have decided that they need to recharge their batteries and take a short holiday.

For the next week they will be off to a destination that only they know and so for the best part of a week will be incommunicado.

They have suggested that they may like to take in the noise and clatter of Blackpool, or travel to France to spend some relaxing time with friends, or perhaps venture across to Portugal to have meetings with government and police officials.

All will be revealed when they return on the 16th July. Sleep well everyone.

Special Note to Shropshire Council: We have gone on holiday – so no home smashing dawn raids this time.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Break

  1. I hear that Dunblane is a popular holiday destination, but you have to keep a watch out for some of the locals.

  2. May God of all goodness continue to bless and protect you. My prayers go with you. I too am a mother and victim family over 20 years ago and continuing in West US. It’s hard to get away from them. They keep me on the move. I know your heart break, thank you for your courage and heroism for your entire lifetime example. You deserve all goodness to continue and our requests and prayers are for you. I honor, respect and applaud your great courage.

    I find the only loophole past them is spiritual freedom of being which we innately are right now. They have no spiritual awareness whatsoever and can’t see or read it. Psychic awareness is far junior to spiritual awareness inside our being and the one mind of all goodness which you are now.

  3. I hope they enjoy the break, and get some rest.

    What is the next stage of the proceedings please?