Hollie goes to Oxford

Hollie is the focus of a new campaign launched amidst the dreaming spires this week: BAN ELISH ANGIOLINI FROM ST HUGH’S COLLEGE, OXFORD.

The students of St Hugh’s College and the Oxford Students Union have formed an all-new Facebook group to spread awareness of the Hollie Greig/Robert Green cases and to keep the “dodgy Dame” – Elish Angiolini from taking up the elected post of Principal of St Hugh’s this September.

They are threatening the faculty with her seizure via a Citizen’s Arrest under the statutes of Section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

On 26 February I wrote to Andrew Dilnot, the outgoing Principal and warned him of what might be afoot:

Andrew Dilnot CBE,
St Hughs College,

Dear Mr Dilnot

Dame Elish Angiolini QC

As spokesperson for the Hollie Greig campaign for justice (www.holliedemandsjustice.org), in the light of Dame Elish’s appointment to succeed you as Principal of St Hughs, I considered it prudent to bring to your and the Governing Body’s attention that Dame Elish is currently the subject of a CID investigation in Scotland, Crime Reference No. CS-20120125-0112.

The issue devolves around Elish Angiolini’s action in November 2009 – February 2010, during the time when she was Lord Advocate of Scotland, in employing the private law firm Levy & McRae to act on her behalf in issuing interdicts debarring various organs of the press and media from publishing her name in connection with the investigation into the Hollie Greig sex abuse scandal, in which a number of professional people in the Aberdeen area including a Sheriff have been named as being allegedly
members of a paedophile ring which abused Hollie during her childhood.

That Hollie was abused is on police & medical record and has been accepted by the State, in that she received a total of £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. However the police have never questioned any of her alleged abusers, with the exception of her father against whom evidence has always been strongest, yet even he was allowed to go free.

What everyone in Scotland wants to know is, why did Dame Elish lie that she knew nothing about the case, since she was Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen in 2000-5 when Hollie and her mother were pressing for an investigation? Correspondence between her and at least 2 MSPs at the time proves she was aware. Then, in appointing Levy and McRae to protect her and also the aforementioned Sheriff’s reputation, did she pay for that out of the public purse?

Over the past 2 years she has persistently refused to answer that question, including the Information Commissioner for Scotland, hence the opening of the CID investigation.

Of course, you/Governing Body may opt to ignore this information, however as said it seemed prudent to give you forewarning that your new appointee could turn out to be an embarrassment to the College, if as seems likely, this issue having already become very public in Scotland and on the internet suddenly erupts in the mainstream press & media.

I refer you to a selection of the copious articles in the Scottish press on the subject.

Yours sincerely
Belinda McKenzie MA Oxon & Sussex
Spokesperson, Justice for Hollie Greig campaign


Unsurprisingly Mr Dilnot hasn’t replied to me but at least he and the Governors were forewarned!

Robert who has been pursuing Angiolini for the best part of two years is of course delighted to hear the students are saying Not in Our University Thank You to this protector of paedophiles. He is still smarting from not having been permitted to get her into the witness box at Stonehaven in January, so this feels like a kind of sweet revenge.

At this rate, he says cheerfully, she’s going to find it hard to get a job anywhere other than Pyongyang!

3 thoughts on “Hollie goes to Oxford

  1. I’ve written to Dilnot too but I don’t think anything will convince the trustees etc of St Hugh’s other than a dent in their bursaries!!

    Oxford is rife with Common Purpose brainwashed idiots so there won’t be much compassion or common sense amongst those living in the ivory towers.

    • John,
      All quiet on that front at present. I imagine they think they need do nothing whilst Robert is in prison. We have other ideas.