Hollie loses appeal

Anne Greig will be making an announcement in relation to the outcome of yesterday’s Appeal Hearing in London at around noon  later today (Saturday).

In the meantime she says “please thank from me all the team that were involved in helping Hollie. It was very emotional and overwhelming to see the support for Hollie and we would not be able to do this without you all.

You are all wonderful human beings with huge hearts

All our love

Anne and Holliexx

A transcript (rough) of yesterday’s proceedings is being produced and will be up shortly, with a Commentary so everyone will be able to follow what went on and where matters are heading at this point. BM


2 thoughts on “Hollie loses appeal

  1. Will be with you all the way, all that were there yeasterday made sure as many people as poss got to know about yours and roberts story, I believe you will gain more and more support from this. I am very disopointed of the out come for you both yesterday, trust that you are not alone and love will conquor in the end. Much love to you both XXX

  2. Please know that all of our good wishes are with you both. The attention that your case is attracting can only help to get your story to more and more people; real people who care rather than just faux authority figures desperate to try to hide the truth. Keep fighting, draw on the love of everyone who is thinking of you and be sure that you will triumph in the end! Love to you both XXX. Be strong and remember you are no-one’s victims!