Hollie on BBC1 News & London News today

A Google Hollie Greig poster featured briefly but unmistakably in the first few seconds of tonight’s BBC1 News at 10 broadcast, in which the items to be covered were flagged up.

Then 2 more Hollie placards again showed up on BBC News London Today’s coverage of the protest demo outside the Independent Police Complaints Commission headquarters in High Holborn, of which members of Hollie’s army were participants and the current spokesperson for Hollie’s campaign for justice addressed the crowd, citing of course the Police Complaints Commission Scotland as being more within the sights of this campaign but there are strong issues with English police treatment of Hollie and her mother since they have been resident in Shropshire England, and with that meted out to their key supporters in cross-border raids in which English police collaborated with Scottish police.

8 thoughts on “Hollie on BBC1 News & London News today

  1. Talking of sharing it….I have just posted a comment on the Daily Record website. The Daily Record is one of the biggest tabloid newspapers in Scotland. My comment is addressed to the Columnist Joan Burnie.

    “Joan, when are you going to report on the absolute scandal of the Hollie Greig case?

    Did you know that it is possible in Scotland for a child to be abused by her father, and others, for the Police and Social Services to have evidence of the crime, and yet NOTHING happens…”


  2. I too have added comment. Still no response from my letter to Sean Connery. I’m also writing to Donald Trump, he’s got a few gripes with Alex Salmond at the moment.

  3. This is one of the things I do. I have little flyers made up that fit in my wallet about a number of things. Media bias, cover ups including Hollie Greig. When I go in a bookshop, pub, charity shops etc etc I place the flyers in books, under items for sale, in the pub toilets. Joe public then gets to read about the things I’m concerned about. The wallet sized fliers just have a link to a few relevant website; no personal comments just web addresses. Just an idea for people on here who may want to spread the word in their spare time.

    • What a wonderful idea?

      Another great idea is to visit your nearest PC World/Comet/Currys etc and in an effort to test whether the computers/laptops/tablets have internet connection, simply type in hollie demands justice and low and behold you can have all of the computers/laptops/tablets etc displaying Hollie’s website. Or if you prefer, you could have alternate Hollie website and then Free Robert Green website?

      Judy x

  4. Well done everybody.

    I think it’s important to know what the disinformation agents are up to with fresh attacks on Hollie and her supporters, see the lies and propaganda they are using on ‘Todays news’ on the David Icke forum.

  5. Today on the Jeremy Vine show they were discussing the case of a 79 year old man, who, as a Scout leader, abused boys over a long period of time. He was attempting to sell all his worldy goods (including his house) to try and buy his way out of prison. I rang the show and spoke with a very nice girl about the fact that Hollie had received her ‘blood money’ from the Criminal Injuries Board. I supplied as much information about the case as I could in the limited time had available. Although she said she had not heard of the case, she came across as genuinely interested. I have not yet listened to the recording of the show on iPlayer, but suspect that my call would not be mentioned.
    May I suggest that as many people as possible email Jeremy whilst the iron is still hot. Use this link, http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/jeremy-vine/contact/