3 thoughts on “Hollie says

  1. Thank you Hollie for shearing this vidio, I enjoyed watching it and I am listering and so are many others and yes you are all those wonderful things and more , Love Yvonne XXX

  2. Dearest Hollie, all we are doing we are doing for YOU and for ALL CHILDREN whose voices are not being heard, for whatever reason, love you to bits Hollie big hugs (wish I’d had your fighting kangaroo in that court this week!!) Belinda XOXOXO

  3. Thank you Hollie. ‘I am just like you, I am human’ except those with Down’s Syndrome cannot lie. Please understand that the Margaret Mead quote was and is aimed at the small elite cabals down through the ages who have indeed ‘changed the world’. She was one with them. It will take the many to make the change.