In Hollie’s birthday month and taking advantage of the ‘Savile surge’, now is the ideal time for this campaign to go fully public at last, starting with a challenge the BBC as to why they pulled the documentary programme about Hollie in July 2009 just as it was about to air on BBC Frontline Scotland and BBC Radio Scotland and thereafter on Panorama.
Who gave the order to pull it and what were the reasons? Mark Daly the producer told Anne at the time they couldn’t go ahead after all “or we’ll lose our jobs” but then a few weeks later he denied he’d said that.

The BBC continue to sit on a lot of crucial information about the case collected by Daly in 2009. He seems to have had some very special relationship with the Crown Office. For example, he managed to get hold of the autopsy report on Anne’s brother’s death which she herself had been pressing for for 12 years yet it had been continuously withheld, despite her being Roy’s next-of-kin. It was only thanks to Robert’s help that she finally laid hands on it in December 2009, yet Daly had got hold of it months earlier!  Then, Daly very quickly found out all about the incident in 1997 when Greg was arrested for ‘lewd & libidinous’
behaviour, details of which Anne to this day has not been permitted to know, such as who was the Sheriff who after 3 admissions to the court let Greg off with an admonishment? Could that by any chance have been Sheriff Buchanan?! And she also suspects that Daly obtained details on her unlawful sectioning in 2000 to which again she herself is not privy.

In other words, the BBC are very much implicated in the cover-up of Hollie’s abuse and we need to start pressing them for answers to questions as to what they know about the case that they are withholding from the two ladies and the public.

(Incidentally, HGH (the Hollie Greig Hoax so-called team) also seem to have the knack of obtaining confidential information on Hollie’s case).

Friday’s demo will be at the HQ of BBC Television,  201 Wood Lane
London W12   (Wood Lane tube on Hammersmith & City line) from 11 am to 2
pm. We’ve been denied permission to process around the complex, for example to visit the offices of Panorama or of Children in Need, unfortunately. We’re only allowed to stand opposite the main entrance to the Television Centre on the other side of the road, not even outside the entrance itself. It appears the personnel have had enough of being harangued by the public as they go in and out of the building!

Another sensitive point is that BBC Children in Need airs that evening – well of course, that’s the reason for our being there on this particular day! We’re going to find out if the BBC is going to do something to help children in need of being rescued from paedophiles NOW, not 20 or 30 years ago, bearing very much in mind that Denis & Greg Mackie are still at large in Portugal and we fear, still terrorising small girls. And who might they be hanging out with these days, and who might be giving them cover??

A propos, Esther Rantzen has been asked many times for help with Hollie’s campaign but being a close friend of She Who Cannot Be Named she’s somewhat compromised. OK, so now we’ll go around her and ask current Chairman Stevie Spring & colleagues if they will help Hollie get justice and help keep all the other little Hollies safe from now on, please?

BBC assistance in getting justice for Hollie/protecting children NOW would be a marvellous way for the Corporation to recoup the moral high ground which is exactly what’s needed as Aunty flounders ever deeper into the mire…

* Hollie’s birthday is actually a week later, Friday 23rd November and she’ll be 33. If anyone would like to send her a card please contact us and we’ll give you the address. She’ll be thrilled to get a little shower of cards, like the last 2 years! Thank you.


  1. Correction: For the demo on Friday, the absolute nearest tube station to BBC Television Centre is actually WHITE CITY (Central Line)

  2. No problems Shaun, a lot of people obviously couldn’t make it either, not enough notice having been given due to my emails being interfered with – I’ll be switching to a different email box for the purposes of communicating with the huge list of our supporters from now on. Thankfully a few emails did get through though so just a few stalwarts did turn up, very warm thanks to those few, particularly the lovely ‘Plum’ family from Southampton, to Jane & hubby (Steve?) and the other Steve from South London, to Jim who produced a reading of Hollie’s horoscope – fascinating!! can’t wait to pass that on on her birthday Friday (cards have been POURING in – lovely, thank you, Hollie will be thrilled!), to “B & F” with especial thanks to B who carried on shouting when I had dried up (as also did Steve from South London), to 3 other guys whose names momentarily escape me but you know who you are and I certainly remember your faces! to dear Maria who has been fighting off Social Services’ ominous interest in her daughter for months! to my perennial close friend in the truth movement A from North End Road Kensington, to seriously intriguing Mike B and to tower-of-strength-at-my-side all year Mary who leafleted with great gusto for 2 hours solidly on the other side of the road, then there was Joe our genius rapper who’s in his own league, calls himself a “truth rebel” and is attracting a huge following amongst the teens-20s and there were a couple more I didn’t manage to identify, forgive me but I certainly remember your faces! At the end of the day it was a smallish crowd which didn’t by any means fill ‘the Pen’ provided by Hammersmith & Fulham police and I have to say I was a bit disappointed, after getting 150+ outside the Royal Courts of Justice on 2 March this year, but we did on that occasion have Anne and Hollie themselves (as well as Sylvia Major!!)
    But disappointment has long since evaporated because all I’ve finally taken away from our stance outside the BBC on Friday are images in my mind of the people alongside me on this as every occasion. I am always so moved by the warm, positive, normal people I meet on the streets whenever I go on the streets it completely erases all the other nonsense. You beautiful people are all that are really real to me and I am a junkie for contact with you because over and over again you give me hope that I’m not alone in this extraordinary world where people can be so cruel even to their own flesh and blood and lie and cheat on others. I know you feel the pain and wrongness of that just like me and want to do something about it.
    Fortunately Hollie has given people like us a huge opportunity! We all know she is telling the truth because we know the truth inside our own minds, painful though that is to live with a lot of the time. The only antidote to that pain in my experience is as said to get out there and DO something, in Hollie’s own words “to fight” for what she certainly knows is right, as opposed to the wrong done her throughout her young life.
    So I’m already looking forward to our next demo and determined to have the email problem sorted by then so can give everyone a bit more notice next time. Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

  3. PS to my last – another positive element on Friday was THE PUBLIC – so many actually came up to us and wanted to take the leaflet without any need to press that on them. We were bowled over actually! Something is definitely going on out there, people really are waking up.

  4. Clearly the BBC are intrinsically linked to Hollie’s case being covered up and both Daly and the ‘fakers’ may have breached data protection law.

    Maybe Scotland Yard would be interested to hear all about Hollie’s case including the twisted part played by the BBC and the ‘fakers’?

  5. Someone has asked today if we made any representation from the demo to the BBC on Friday or sent in a petition? to which the answer is no, apart from sending copies of our publicity in to them. The reason for that is that matters are/were already in hand as Robert has written to Lord Patten putting across our concerns about what happened in 2009 and asking the Chairman to look into the matter. He had been encouraged to do so by the Culture and Media Secretary, Maria Miller. A letter accordingly went off to Patten last Tuesday which once a decent interval has elapsed we will publish on this site, along with hopefully by then the reply.

    For the same reason we didn’t send a letter to the Children in Need programme either on this occasion but we will according to how the Chairman replies to Robert, when/if he does.