This site came under sustained hack attempts overnight in what was clearly an attempt to interfere with its good working.

In particular there were 39 Attacks, by 11 attackers using 21 separate IP addresses. All failed. In the main it was an attempt to corrupt the Share buttons on each post, and in particular the Facebook share.

One can only assume that the reporting of the Trial of Robert Green is causing much consternation amongst the powers that be, and that they have tried to limit the spreading of the reports. That the MSM have been largely silenced is witness to this.

Our response has been to harden our site security, update and make more widely available the share facility on this site, and you will notice that the share options now appear on a floating sidebar as well as within the posts themselves.

We have also made the content available via mobile phone, which we can see a good number of you have already made use of.

The truth will eventually come out, but in the meantime the interest in this story of an attempt to silence the messenger of a heinous crime that still remains to be properly investigated is growing daily. We will continue to report, whether that is liked or disapproved of or not.

Justice is for all.


2 thoughts on “Interference

  1. The further this case progresses the more questions arise that only Elish Angiolini can answer in the interests of justice.

    From the court’s perspective, It is now past the point of no return in this respect and her requirement to give evidence from the witness box is absolute.