Is Craig Oliver responsible for the media blackout on the Hollie Story

A comment on the Free Robert Green website got our interest up. Despite the fact that there were 3 Sky outside broadcast teams outside the Royal Courts of Justice, not one of them said they were allowed to video the Hollie story.

The focus over at FRD has switched to the ‘Church’ that a large body of the alleged abusers worship, CC Colin McKerracher, it transpires, attends a slightly controversial Christian fellowship known as the Deeside Evangelical Fellowship, as do others.

The Comment reads thus:

The apple never falls far from the tree.
An Aberdeen notorious abuse and murder of Scott Simpson a 9 yr old boy by a paedophile in the late 1990’s highlighted the then chief constable Ian Oliver and his failure in ‘managing’ this case that eventually brought about his demise although his arrogance knew no bounds before departing this post. Oliver was a member of the very same ‘church’ in Milltimber and was exposed during the investigation in a compromising situation with a young woman from a ‘local garage business dynasty’ while Grampian police searched for missing Scott, the police are even alleged to have searched the spot where young Scott’s body was eventually found 5 days later. Hollie Greigs abuse in Aberdeen was occurring during this ‘religious man’s’ tenure as CC of police in the area. I believe the son of Oliver – Craig – former BBC employee is now head of communications for David Cameron replacing the ‘reliable’ Andy Coulson. Any one wondering why Hollie’s story is not breaking lamestreet media may wish to consider the connections of these people throughout the 90’s until today.


So today we ask the question: Is Craig Oliver involved in the media blackout of the Hollie Story from the entire UK MSM.

You can catch up on the information gleened on the Deeside Evangelical Fellowship so far by reading the comments on

We intend to shine the light.

Meanwhile, sit back and relax, watch the video by Bill Maloney –, including him interviewing the SKY news crews.


4 thoughts on “Is Craig Oliver responsible for the media blackout on the Hollie Story

  1. Done that, all now clear. I have posted the link on my Facebook page asking people to start at 38 mins, then go and watch from the start. Does anyone know contact details for Tom McDonald at the BBC. He is Executive Producer of the series ‘Who do you think you are’. There is a VERY good reason why I ask.