Over the past few weeks, more and more examples of state corruption and collaboration are emerging.

It seems that paedophile crimes are being covered up throughout the land. We have witnessed  shocking events in Rochdale, Rotherham and South Yorkshire, Dyfed and Powys (the Chief Constable Terry Grange case), Oxford and Cherwell Valley and the disgusting sex abuse career of Jimmy Savile.

In each case, it seems clear that powerful and influential figures are being allowed to behave outside the law with impunity and by that I include both the abusers of children and those who collaborate with them.. If you happen to be a member of this informal “magic circle” or are in a position to blackmail any of these individuals, the state will protect you. This situation is epitomised by the example of Savile, who could blatantly get away with anything. He knew that the law of the land did not apply to him.

It is also perfectly obvious that in order to continue to provide cover for the activities of such wealthy criminals, any victims who are brave enough to complain, as well as as those who seek to come to their aid, are to be brutally persecuted by the state.

In Jersey, courageous former Senator Stuart Syvret was jailed for his gallant efforts to expose the innumerable horrifying crimes committed against children that took place at Haut De La Garenne by the likes of Savile and his fellow paedophiles.

Back on the mainland, outspoken anti child-abuse campaigner Chris Wittwer has clearly been targetted by the authorities in revenge for his public exposure of paedophiles.

So far, in the Hollie Greig case, it is not just me (Robert Green) who has seen the inside of a prison cell. Englishman Tim Rustige and two brave Scots have been grabbed by Scottish Police for the “crime” of challenging the conduct of Scotland`s transparently corrupt regime. Additionally, former Down`s Syndrome Association Information officer John Smithies, was sacked for his support in pursuing the case of Hollie and in doing so, to help protect other Down`s Syndrome rape victims. John`s integrity and courage was rewarded by instant dismissal by current CEO Carol Boys. Just who has been leaning on the Down`s Syndrome Association and why?

In Oxford and Cherwell Valley, near the Prime Minister`s constituency, a very brave Muslim of Asian origin has been dismissed from his post for trying to protect white youngsters from white sexual abusers. This gentleman cannot yet be named, but he should be regarded as a heroic figure, without doubt.

Although the context is entirely different, one should also recall that the appalling debacle surrounding the Hillsborough tragedy was only exposed due to the extraordinary bravery and diligence of the people of Liverpool and Merseyside after 23 years of struggle, but illustrates again just how far the “magic circle” will go to protect its own.

This is the state of our country today.

May I urge more of the good people of the United Kingdom to stand up. Children throughout the land remain in danger, primarily due to either the active collaboration of certain individuals in positions of trust or far more frequently, the moral cowardice of those who put their careers, promotion prospects and pensions first.

One practical step in the short term that any of us can take is to ask your MP to support the Bill to be presented by John Hemming on 26th October in the Commons, details of which are on my previous blog, which will lead to greater transparency in the secretive and unsatisfactory Family Court system. The success of this Bill would do much to both alleviate the suffering of vulnerable children and parents and would place those who administer these proceedings under long-overdue press and public scrutiny.

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Republished with kind permission of Robert Green.

Robert has separately said the following:

Although I no longer represent Anne and Hollie Greig and have not done so for a long time, as they have their own legal team now, as appropriate, I remain committed, as a private citizen with extensive knowledge of Hollie`s case and those related to it, to do everything I can within the correct framework to press for a full inquiry, not only in Hollie`s case, but also in the wider public interest, given the recent horrific exposures of similar cases coming into the spotlight. In particular, the conduct of the BBC comes into question again with its links to covering up the conduct of Jimmy Savile and BBC Scotland`s behaviour, primarily by reporter Mark Daly, who suddenly was forced to drop Hollie`s case after confirming a clear intention to broadcast.


  1. The revelations coming out of the BBC point to the inescapable conclusion that there is a culture of supporting pedophilia by those in positions of power within Institutions in the UK?

    I have been under the misapprehension that it was just Scotland that was a haven for pedophiles?


  2. Seems like it’s everywhere Judy http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/guilty-after-sixyear-trial-portugals-highsociety-paedophile-ring-2070112.html

    i’d heard about it operating in the Whitehouse a long time ago and just couldn’t believe it, now I certainly do. Looks like the entire world is being controlled by a New World Order of a very very low vibration. But, thankfully their time is up and this is what we’re seeing all around us at the moment, all of the big institutions under their control are collapsing before our eyes. Game up!

  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/jimmy-savile/9620223/Jimmy-Savile-He-was-the-tip-of-the-iceberg.html

    same old stuff over and over again, how can anyone in the media doubt Hollie now. This is the time to get the media to pay attention and to highlight Hollie’s case. The Telegraph’s Eileen Fairweather wrote above article, please HDJ contact these decent reporters, it’s more than their reputations worth now to ignore Hollie’s case

  4. @judy not just in scotland! senator John deCamp has investigated a terrible web of this abuse and corruption in the “top echelons” (!) of US society. or check out the duTroux ‘scandal’ in Belgium. or the Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast.

    the pattern is always the same – links between powerful politicians and leaders of the criminal underworld. cover-ups by crooked lawyers, perverted judges and bent police chiefs. the attempt to frame honest police investigators and their witnesses. threats, blackmail, and even, as a last resort, murder.

    the extremely seedy relation between politician Lord Boothby and the notorious Kray brothers (themselves obvious victims of abuse when young) is now sufficiently long ago to have been the subject of a brief channel 4 documentary about ten years ago, but such studies, although useful, never make the point that nothing much has changed. they passively support to what i call the Bad Apple Theory – i.e. it’s just a few corrupt people. in fact this abuse is endemic, the so-called establishment is riddled with it, like the metastases of a horrible cancer.

    c.f. also operation Ore. results “gagged” for 70 years. seventy f***ing years!!! where does that authority come from in a supposedly democratically elected government? people must wake up. stop being slaves of the TV and the dumbed-down, distorted reality it peddles. stop respecting an ‘authority’ that has no claim to your respect.

    never forget this is not just perverted sex with cruelly treated minors. it is intimately related to political control by a class of people who murder millions in phoney wars around the world.

    one very dodgy figure in Britain is bent (ex-)copper Peter Power, who has worked to protect high-level paedophiles in the police force. this same man was one of the masterminds of the 7/7 ‘terrorist’ atrocities in London 2005. (these things are all connected. a good 7/7 place to start is the recent film featuring whistleblower Tony Farrell, a senior police intelligence analyst: “Tony Farrell and Nick Kollerstrom are dead”).

    “the people, united, can never be defeated” but the necessary degree of unity of purpose cannot be achieved until enough people have the will power to switch off that tempting telly.

  5. I just watched Tony Farrell did not know he was killed , So sad and mad , ty to Tony and others who strive to protect the truth . I’m in Canada and cannot believe the Corruption i’ve seen in the last 2 years since ( i woke up ) , I’m on a fast track to educate myself as quick as i can , LOL . Stay Free All .

    • Darlene,

      “Tony Farrell and Nick Kollerstrom are dead” is the name of the film. It is not literal.