Just who WILL hold the BBC to account

Here at HDJ we always wondered about the level of interest shown by BBC Scotland in Hollie’s abuse case, only to have the information sat on, leaked and finally attempts to discredit Hollie’s mother by former and existing members of the BBC in Scotland.

Over the past weeks it has been disclosed that following an FOI request asking if BBC staff in Scotland have been the subject of sex abuse claims since the Savile scandal broke, BBC Scotland’s Head of Public Policy & Corporate Affairs Ian Small said:

“I can confirm that the BBC holds this information.

However, we are withholding the exact very small number of individuals under section 40(2) (personal information) of the Act, due to the risk of individuals becoming identifiable from such information.”

So the answer is Yes, but we not saying how many. So are the Police investigating these allegations we wonder?

Police Scotland refused to comment.

It’s a story that we have heard so many times here at HDJ where child or sexual abuse is concerned. Denials, cover-up, police inaction, judicial cooperation with the accused and political interference using heavyweight legal firms.

As always, it comes down to this simple fact. If you want something doing properly, you have to do it yourself. (see Legal Fund Notice on right toolbar).

The levels of inequality before the law, unfairness and sheer corruption in Scotland are now reaching proportions that few can stomach. Who WILL hold institutions such as BBC Scotland to account when those in positions of trust appear neither have the will or the guts, or is it to do with the preservation of their own vested interests.


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