Justify the money and the actions

In every great scandal there is a point that is reached where the secrets can be kept secret no longer. More often it is not necessarily the original deed but the cover-up that is responsible for the perpetrators’ downfall. History has shown this to be true time and time again.

We believe that we are fast approaching that point in the Hollie Demands Justice campaign. Because a cover-up is not a private affair, it is a public one, because this cover-up is not using private resources, but public resources funded by taxpayers, and the use and justification for spending taxpayers’ money is a public matter.

Serious questions about this case are now being asked in the Press, on the Internet and now by Parliament, about the vast sums of money being spent by the Scottish establishment and Shropshire Council, reported to be now close to £1million, but that may be a conservative estimate.

The Hollie Demands Justice campaign will now be seeking the advice of public auditors to justify both the actions and the vast sums of money being spent in the suppression of this case, in the continued vendetta against Robert Green and the harassment of Hollie Greig herself along with her mother Anne.

Especially in these days of austerity, as welfare benefits, hospitals and front line services are all being cut for lack of funds, those people who spend public money must be able to justify its use. We will now be asking them to do so and we would urge any taxpayer to do the same.


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