Ken Clarke MP implicated in covering-up the Jimmy Savile issue and others


I saw this link today and thought I would pass it onto you.  I think it is relevant to your case as Kenneth Clarke MP, is the same MP that ignored me when Her Majesty, The Queen, asked get him to investigate my claims of paedophilia in her Government.  After some additional, public pressure from me, he eventually replied stating that the accusations made by Hollie had been thoroughly investigated and there was no case to answer… the usual crap!

Now, unsurprisingly, we learn that he is embroiled in other cases of possible paedophilia!

Ian McFerran

3 thoughts on “Ken Clarke MP implicated in covering-up the Jimmy Savile issue and others

  1. I forwarded the same link to the Telegraph today. I had sent them some other info on Sunday, primarily focusing on the role of Esther Rantzen. I chose the Telegraph because of the article published by them on October 5th.

    I have to say that Ken Clarke came as a bit of a shock, but then again he is/was on the Bilderberg steering comittee.

    I have copied in Robert (and a couple of select others) on these emails.

  2. no suprises there then,. the surface has only just been scratched. hopefuly ben will make all these names public big time, he’s in more danger if he dosnt……..

  3. Now that the Olympics are over, the Police are free to follow up on information they’ve been sitting on for a while. Having spoken to a couple of people, completely independent from each other, it seems that the Police have known about these people for a while but simply didn’t have the resources to act… until now.

    So, now that the pressure of the Olympic Games 2012 is over and the Police are getting back to their normal duties, I’m informed by at least two people that the public can start to expect more and more arrests linked with such matters and also aspects of Political Corruption too! Let’s hope my sources are correct.

    Ian McFerran