Kim Ryley unexpectedly leaves Shropshire

It has been brought to our attention that Kim Ryley has left (or been pushed from) Shropshire Council - see the article in the Shropshire Star for more information.

His departure was sudden, unexpected and has caught many within the council by surprise, and one person who has had dealings with Ryley told  us “He has left the council in one hell of of a mess”

It is our understanding that there will be no severance or termination package for Mr Ryley, a most unusual position for an ex-CEO to find themselves in, considering that he was the highest paid Local Authority CEO in the UK (£180,000-a-year), pocketing more taxpayers money than the Prime Minister.

Kim Ryley has now moved on to Cheshire East Council. No doubt more information will come to light in due course. We wish Cheshire taxpayers good luck in keeping their new boss in check.

Meanwhile Shropshire Labour group leader Alan Mosley has demanded an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Mr Ryley’s departure.

He said: “If there have been problems with Kim Ryley’s performance then why haven’t they been resolved without the current chaotic results? “If there are no problems then why has he been allowed to go before finishing the job?”

Nigel Hartin, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, called for the authority’s scrutiny committee to meet to ‘get to the bottom of what on earth has gone wrong’.

There are no plans to replace Mr Ryley, and Councillor Keith Barrow, the leader of the authority, has stepped in to chair top level meetings.

Unions have also raised questions about Mr Ryley’s departure.

Hollie Demands Justice has a few questions of their own, which you will be able to see over the coming days.


2 thoughts on “Kim Ryley unexpectedly leaves Shropshire

  1. Just another Parasite living the high life at the Taxpayers expense.

    Notice that these people never seem to have any problem moving from one extremely high paid job to another?

    If he doesn’t need to be replaced then what the heck was he doing in the first place?

  2. His departure is long overdue. Kim Ryley was personally ultimately responsible for the cruel and unnecessary persecution of Hollie and Anne by Shropshire Council, at a true cost to the public that the Council has yet to disclose. The legal costs of hearings in London where the Council used undisclosed funds for legal fees to top lawyers and courts must be astronomical and are currently set to escalate even further, while vital services throughout the county are ruthlessly cut.

    Let us hope that the people of Shropshire are represented by a compassionate and competent CEO next time, who gives priority to the interests of the people, including its most vulnerable citizens.