Leafleting Campaign, Activity in Aberdeen 14-15 April

The Free Robert Green leafleting campaign is underway this weekend in Aberdeen.

There will be regular updates on the Free Robert Green site during the day as reports come in, sent in by various participants in the campaign.


For those of you coming to this site for the first time after reading the leaflets, we would urge you to read as much of the documentation and information on this site as possible, then write to your MP, MSP, MEP, Councillors and tell them about Hollie Greig, and ask them why so much of your hard earned taxpayers money is being spent on covering up and blocking a proper investigation in this appalling case.


2 thoughts on “Leafleting Campaign, Activity in Aberdeen 14-15 April

  1. ive only recently heard about holly i live in n/ireland DONT STOP THIS FOLLOW IT ON!! it was the same when the first abuse was reported about the priests over here
    look at how many was in the pot when the lid was taken off it!!

    • Kevin,
      Be assured that this campaign will not stop. Prising the lid off the pot is difficult, but certainly not impossible.